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Need help remembering old build

By smallmoogle - MEMBER - January 20, 2018, 21:55:58

I've just come back from 3 years and I want to get a bit into the game again, I need help remembering my old Iop build, he's level 144 and used to be Earth/Air. I used to have screenshots of my build but I've lost or somehow deleted them. I know alot of things have been changed/buffed/nerfed, but I would prefer to stay Earth/Air despite hearing alot of "Fire/Air is the superior Iop build" back in 2015 when they reworked Iop a bit I changed over to Earth/Air from Fire/Air and I loved it, and my gear is currently set for that build and I don't want to change it. And I don't really want to waste money on a 7-day god booster with the amount of ogrines that I had left before I quit, just for infinite restats. Does anyone have the knowledge of the games current state to help me out?

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I'm afraid I don't have the answers you want, but I can offer two cents. I just came back a few days ago, after 4 1/2 years away. What I've found is that virtually everything I knew about my two mains (sadida and feca) is no longer helpful. All the spells have been changed a little or completely. This is alright, but I'm scrambling to learn fast. I'm guessing the same for you.

PS: Sadida and Feca used to be a pretty good team, with Voodoll and glyphs working together. Not so much now. I'm struggling a bit to find combos that create synergy. I have been feeling like I'm almost having two separate fights at the same time, with mostly unrelated strategies between the characters. If anyone has suggestions...

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I don't know how your build was, but I can throw a basic Air/Earth Iop build that can work in the current meta.

Dragon Pig's Guide is a must read independently of the elemental build you want to go for. The sets should be the same, just changing your elemental preference acordingly.

Aside from that, Air is mandatory if you want to be competitive as a Iop. I know some people working without Air but they are sacrificing (knowingly) potential in order to play how they like. If you want a strong build, get yourself all air spells in your deck and learn to chain combos into each other, as that is Iop's strongest damage tool.

Since you are goind Earth instead of Fire or Tribuild, you're lacking Iop's strongest burst: Super Iop Punch. Earth is seen more of an utility branch than a damage one, and the best utility spell is Charge. Not only you can deal decent damage (chainging 2 Charges into each other), but movement is one of Iop's biggest concerns. HateSpawn's guide goes on about the importance of movement over raw damage. Give it a read.

Apart from that, if you stat yourself stronly into single target, I recommend using both Rocknoceros and Impact for Earth. I used to run Rocknoceros more than Impact, since I have some sort of ptsd from how bad Impact used to be a long time ago; however, I do think now that Impact is better and I run it instead. You can try both, chose from experience or use both. Shaker is good but there's no deck space, and Devastate is not worth it.

For active specialties, just run what every Iop uses. I'd argue that since you're Earth instead of Fire you should prioritize Defensive Stance over Focus, but I'd run both. Stabilizing enemies and extra damage for you and your team is good whatever build you use. Houw of Glory is still bad, use it only if you must take away AP for some reason.

And passives are all the same as an Air/Earth build. You may consider taking Furious Charge if you find yourself with extra slots (most likely, you won't).

 In general I'd say Iop's build choices are just... nonexistant. Even if you forego Fire, you most likely will end up very similar to an Air/Fire Iop minus burst damage. Most passives are good for whatever build you use provided you're going with Air, actives are generally useful independant of elements and spells are almost the same minus Super Iop Punch and subbing it with some other Earth spell.
Also, you will probably end up with a tribrid set when you get to the higher levels so you can slap Super Iop Punch either way. It's not like people use any other Fire spell regularly anyway.

Hope it helps.
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