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Iop dps build for a 3 man party

By Aizen497 - MEMBER - December 19, 2017, 12:32:11

hello there. I'm a returning player who decided to start playing again with a Iop(fire and air element since so far are the most used for me). I use to play 95% of the time in party with a Eri who's specializing himself on a full-heal build, and with an osamodas too. 
We are lvl 37 and we are heading to the highest level possible. 
All the build I found here weren't updated and were all about very high level. I'd like to know how to distribute the different points I get levelling step by step.
How should I invest my resorces? which equipment should I prefer? Thank you to answer me smile

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The reason the guides are not updated is because iop has not changed since 2015 (I think was last change). Dragon Pigs guide is fine to follow and will give your a base on how to build your iop


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