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NEED HELP with my Iop (Build recomendations)

By Alimie#3823 - MEMBER - October 23, 2017, 11:05:10

Greetings, I am currently playing as a Fire Iop, but I've been looking up some guides and I can't seem to find any related to fire, and in most guides, people will only use Super Iop Punch and then use air attacks for main damage. I'd like to know some things: Which Iop is the better DPS? Is Fire Iop worth it? And I'd also love to know which sets I could go for, because right now (My Iop is lvl 56), I'm using a mix of brakmar riktus and golden scara set.


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I currently play a Air/Earth Iop at lvl 141 but I constantly hear that Air/Fire is superior so you are fine to play Fire.

Dual element is worth going when you can afford it, and it seems all builds tie to the air tree bc of how good air's buffs and combo's are.

For fire Super Iop Punch is the best spell you can use followed by Iop's Wraith

Here is a guide that can help you further

It explains why each spell is good/bad and what passives to use for what builds.

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air iop hold by far the best damage per ap ratio as their combos systhem support with aditional damages andbuffs throughouttheir damaging process, The fire tree is pretty much Super iop punch + 4unconsistant and/or awkward spells to use due to  how their aoe is shaped ,thunderbolt can work thought but it's just a weaker more flexible vertiion of SIP,that is worthiier thanks to how focus work with that spell

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