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Need Help With Air Iop Set

By - MEMBER - October 06, 2017, 16:16:03

Hey guys, I am currently a lvl. 40 Iop and wearing the red piwi set for the 81 melee mastery points. The problem is that it's a level 25 set and I feel like I should be wearing something else. So do you guys have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately I only have a vague understanding of items below 170, in fact the items I used to wear at your level have been changed like 5-6 times. As you level you'll pick up some melee/st items. In the early game it shouldnt be too hard, if you drop something useful, use it.

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Thanks alot!!
btw, I'm using your guide.

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Most gear is trash at low level, especially just after you leave  astrub and suddenly they want you to start crafting everything since they nerfed all the dropped gear.

You will level up way too fast to bother with full sets until lvl 100 or so, so use whatever looks good. The Crackler, Treechnid, Royal Crab,  and Bwork Dungeons should all drop some melee gear, but most of it sucks now.

The first set you should really be looking at is the milkar set, which can last you awhile. Supplement with stuff from Brrbly, Miseryum, and Biblyboy dungeons.  After that, I more or less used gear from Gobbalrog and Dragon Pig till level 155.

Notable things are, you can get your first AP amulet at 40, AP cloak at 60, two easy epics are the satisfaction ring at level 20 and otomai's boots at level 60, and if you can afford it, Gelano is your first relic at level 65. Thork's Hammer is also an early AP weapon available at 63. Later Harry Boots are a very cheap and good relic till level 155, when you can switch to souleater and Woboots. (unless you're doing 11/7, in which there are other options.)

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Thanks for replying makeanimegreatagain,
I am now level 75 and you were right! Most low level gear is trash so I am sticking with the divine tofu set (for air mastery) + the infernal set items. Thanks for your advice but I don't know what a relic is or does actually and was wondering if you could help me with that.

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