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Help - Air combos

By Bhormy - MEMBER - May 25, 2017, 20:00:32


My Iop is level 70, Air/Fire, and I have 11 AP, 4 MP - what's the best air combos combinations, including Focus and Super Iop Punch (when available)?

Thanks! <3

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My build is:

Intelligence - 10 resistance; rest in %HP;
Strength - Close Combat (don't know how much, but only CC);
Agility - Dodge and Lock;
Chance - Critical Hits.
Major - AP (then MP, Final and Reduction, probably in this order). 

I will put points in Single Target after reach CC cap and Block after reach Critical Hit cap. Is this OK? Is Block better than Critical Mastery?


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Someone, please? .-. 

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my typical air combo is to 1st make sure u have some wall then walop combo start due to it ending starts the gutting gust combo into another gutting gust combo if u have 3 more ap. if not end it with the upper cut combo. the show off passive will let u get alot more power off of finishing the combos.

as for stats i have:
 int- i have 10 res. 10 hp to armor (due to it a multiplyer on effective helth, but it dose lower the max healing i can take on how heal resistance works) and then dump hp
str- cc > single target> elemental
agi- i found it better to go all one or the other in the case of lock and dodge. never felt like i was able to do eather of them good when i got the split(thou it is great on sram) i went dodge for a personal reason due to a nerf they did to burning(it used to stack) but lock dose give u some nice passive to work with
chance block>crit hit> crit damage  i use a passive to give me crit for having block so block is crit
majors- ap>mp>damage>res

here is what my build is right now if u would like to look at it i am 138 so u would have to get ur 4th passive to use it 4777-4776-4786-4787-4788-4789-4778-4779-4790-4793-4792-4794-4795-4798-5100-4797-0-0

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