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Returning Air/Fire Iop Level 130, In Need Of Help

By Ueda-Akarasama - MEMBER - April 17, 2017, 02:28:34

I've been in and out of the game for the past year, and only recently began to seriously play again. I'm not really sure where good spots are for me to grind at my level, and what quests (if any) I should be focusing on solo-wise.

I'm willing to provide any further information if need. All input is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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You should grind wabbit tunnels (regular wabbits not zombies) to lvl 140After that srambad mobs and after that enu mobs (146). You should do all quests which u get at lvl 100, 115, 120, 140, 145. There are guides on Also try to do flax+torm boss hunt daily, you can easily find group at temple of scriptures.

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Thank you for responding and for the suggestions! I sincerely appreciate it! I'll do that.

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