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help with iop combos !!!

By dragonfablie - MEMBER - March 18, 2017, 14:55:13

im now lvl 25 so i can full all my air/fire combo but its so much, it give me headache because i can do alot of combos x-x, what is the best combos like in 1v1?/ pvm

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i have 9 ap too

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Go all out and chain multiple combos for best effect.

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in 9ap combo what i'd recommand when in melee to an oppenant:[optional] gutting gust on an empty cell until you have 2mp left>Uppercut > jabs > upercut > flurry > wallop > flurry > gutting gust > wallop > flurry > gutting gust > flurry
in cost spell of the air tree: [optional](1mp until you have 2mp left)>1wp>3ap>1wp>1ap>2ap>1ap>1mp>2ap>1ap>1mp>1ap

combo including fire: gutting gust until you hit 0mp>uppercut>jabs>uppercut>flurry>flurry> super iop punch > super iop punch[optional] remplace super iop punch by thunderbolt for a flaming effect,which is considerable bonus damages if your oppenant can't dodge you

incost spell: 1mp until you hit 0mp>1wp>3ap>1wp>1ap>1ap>3ap fire>3ap fire

my personal recommandation's is to rather have mp major instead of the ap major first,since with 9ap you most likely end up having 1ap to throw away without real combo value to pull out of,while the mp major give you 20mastery,which is a considerable buff at that level,as well as an improved mobility

alternative combo if target is against wall:[optional] gutting gust until you have 0mp left:> uppercut>jabs>uppercut>flurry>flurry>wallop>flurry> flurry> wallop
in cost spell of the air tree: (1mp until you have 0mp left) 1wp >3ap>1wp>1ap>1ap>2ap>1ap>1ap>2ap 

this is the only combo that can make the best full use of the 9ap on a iop

once you unlock the focus spell,you'll have to variate your combos to fit it in

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