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Iop PvM Build help plz,thanks!

By Alexluu - MEMBER - March 09, 2017, 00:43:27
I'm kind of hard-headed, I am the type of person who sticks with one build and doesn't want to change so...I would like help making a PvM build (Mob/Dungeon Lvling,Solo and Teamplay(usually solo because it's so lonely),thanks!

Iop(Role-Typical Iop):
Int-Resist 10/10 , %Armor 5/10,rest into Hp(sound good?)
Str-CloseCombat20/20,SingleTarget13/20(work on 20/20)?
Agi-Dump all into Lock? or maybe 20 into Lock and 13 into Lock&Dodge?
Chance-Crit% 20/20,then maybe into Block% (to go well with defensive stance?) or just Crit Dmg right after crit %?
Major-AP/MP/Then what else??

P.S. Trying to decide between bravery standard or defensive stance.
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Ok no one has helped me yet but I've been studying and thinking alot and here's what I've come up with thus far,give me your opinions guys:
Thunderbolt=To Me seems like a nice staple fire spell when I can't SIP
SIP=Obvious spell to take
Sword of Judgement=the AoE shape makes it a more situational spell,I chose this over Celestial sword because of that
-I didn't take Celestial Sword because monsters almost never line up for me to take advantage of the AoE,so it's way more situational than Judgement,Plus I can Scald with Uppercut Combo or Increase
- I didn't take Iop's Wrath either because,even though it's a good wave clear,I won't be able to take advantage of the Lost status because I'll have locked the enemy,it uses WP,which I have dire need of to use Uppercuts/Focuses/Increases AND because it may hit my teammates by mistake.

I switched defensive stance for bravery standard, I made the decision that only using it at the end of my turn to increase block wasn't worth it

Int- I've decided 10res,10%armor/dump all into hp% since barrier is by lvl,and %armor is obviously by hp and I'm going quick clear dmg iop so I won't be around long enough to take advantage of barrier,which is better for long drawn out fights.
Str-Same as OP.
Agi-Still pending advice in OP
Chance-Thinking of CritHit,CritHitDmg then Block once I Evolve Bravery to Lv2(lvl190) to make more use of it
(The "?" Above is still in the process of being decided, I thought of +2WP but I think I can regen WP fast enough to not need it,So I'll probably choose Elemental Resistance.)

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For my iop i did
INT- 10 res, dump all into hp% (choosing HP% or Armor is all about preference)
STR- 20 Melee and Single since i mostly use air and a bit of fire
AGI- I prefer dump all in lock and dodge so i can lock some mobs, while being mobile too (you can place initiative if you like)
CHA- I prefer 20/20 Crit Chance, 20/20 Block then into crit damage (being melee means you'll take a lot of damage and block kinda helps with that)
Major- AP/MP/Final damage or Resist (your preference too)
You wouldn't need to stat wp since there are better options in my opinion. I place charge in my build so that i can reach enemies from afar (3 ap charge vs 4 ap jump) and sometimes i use defensive stance for the shield.

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I'm pretty sure theres a iop build out there but heres my suggestion which i use for mine
Int - 10 res, 10 armour then rest to hp 
Str - 20 melee 20 ST rest elemental dmg
Agi - since this is pvm i suggest full on lock and dodge also better to let enemies come to you but you can stat ini if you prefer
Chance -  20 CH 20 Block then rest CRIT DMG 
Major- AP/MP/RES then final dmg i would advice this order 

As for spells i would switch sword of judgement with charge, helps save you some mp that you can use for your combos instead. 

If you want to go in full details you can give me a pm IG. I'd love to help. smile

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