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Newbie Attribute help

By captaincorporate - MEMBER (+) - March 04, 2017, 14:39:50

 I played Dofus like 10 years ago so I do not remember much about the game. There was this city and if you wanted to leave the city a lot than you had to be a subscriber, that is literally the only thing I remember. Oh also, I killed many sheeps. Those two.

 Well since I am a noob and I don't have anyone to level with, I would be doing solo pve for a long time, I tough I would give IOP a try, tough I need to allocate attribute points now. Intelligence, strenght, agility, chance and major as it seems. I don't even know which ones and which ones in that which one and so on.

 Is there like a really detailed iop guide that I can check while leveling?

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hhhhhhhh that so good 

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Try searching for similar posts before making a new thread. It took me seconds to find this.
Remember that you get free restats once you hit specific levels (one is 80 if I remember correctly) and you can farm free restats easily if you regret your choices. 

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