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Ioptimized Builds!

By Riegien - MEMBER - August 24, 2016, 20:05:49

It's been established that one of the most optimized version of the Iop is the air/fire combo machine as seen in Dragon Pigs guide. When you need to absolutely beat the tar out of something it's a great choice, and probably with keeping a variation as a deck.

That out of the way, we're Iops. If we're going about things efficiently at all times something's gone horribly wrong. And we've got 2 deck slots free at least to be Iops with! So let's have some discussion on some of the other abilities we tend to have ignored, as they are either not so good, or at least don't match up to the capability of the air+SIP builds.

So lay out some of your favorite oddball builds. They may not be the best, but if you have fun with them go for it. List out some pros and some cons if you can. Maybe we can figure out some advantages that we can unlock and add to our arsenal.

One of my favorites, the most confusing of the Iops, the Tormentor build. A ranged Iop that trades damage in melee for a strong kiting game. It is primarily Earth/Fire, though having 1 or 2 air spells in the mix to build shock would not be amiss.

The deck I use with it is past 150 for slot count, and uses celestial sword, rocknoceros, and impact as the primary attack spells. Thunderbolt and Iop's Wrath are used to help control range, either punishing the targets for coming into melee with your or for running too far away. Flurry and wallop are there for additional push options. Actives taken are Jump, Standard, Increase, and Defensive stance. Passives are King of the hill, Vitality, Tormentor, Carnage, and Authority.

The meat of the build comes from the Tormentor passive, which significantly alters the three 'primary' spells used with it. Celestial sword becomes a cheap long range aoe push, Rock drains MP while requires no LOS , and hits hard, and Impact now removes range from the target and is importantly nonlinear with good range. All of this is to hopefully allow the goal of keeping the target at mid-range to you, without being able to close or run away. Another significant part to this build is using the Standard to its fullest, both offensively and defensively as a jump point and as placeable obstacle that gives you a damage buff.

It is a fun and different playstyle, bouncing around the field, shoving enemies away after draining MP and dropping standards in their way so they cannot get to you. You are fairly resistant to MP removal yourself due to the fairly quick buildup of Slugger, and have a safety net from defensive stance if something does catch up to you. While you dont have burst turns, you keep a fairly large number of damage buffs up on you at most times, from King of the hill, Carnage, Tormentor, and when possible Increase. I also tend to add the Hupper School Weapon damage active spell, which when combined with those buffs and a Steel Beak Sword can make for some pretty impressive numbers.

There number of weak points. It spends a fair amount of MP and AP on simply moving around the field, which limits damage output and there never feels like there are enough AP to do everything you need to do. It also loses out on big hit turns by not using Bravery and Focus, forcing you to just grind away at enemies with your 8 or so available AP worth of damage.

It very much makes the Iop into an Eliotrope, but with a bit less versatility. It makes for a definite change of pace.

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Anti-Kite chaser

Anti-kite tank

My tormentor

preferred dungeon support [koko, vore]

you run compulsion for faster WP gen and hog for bonus MP chip

it's... really hard to do anything fun and unique with iop, especially without passive slot 6.

Each of these decks have the same first 6 spells, except the tormentor set.
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