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Air Iop Guide : Terre-Inspire.

By OraOraDogma - MEMBER - August 15, 2016, 23:01:14

Guide to Combo.

Terre-Inspire , Iop , Nox , Riktus. Lv. 160+


This guide is meant to add perspective and the information is given is my experience as an air/fire/earth Iop. The air branch is what I've used for the majority of my Iops fighting style because of its versatility to be merged in between fire/earth. I have messed with Fire/earth but I do not have enough information as to write on those builds, but i will include some information if not known, to help others try this class out and have some marvel vs. capcom moments. I'm not the strongest player, but I have had my fair share of fun grinding/dungeons/story line, so I hope you guys/gals enjoy this and feel free to spit your iop game, I'd like to learn from you too.
[earth/fire build guides are welcome, I want to try those too biggrin]

Episode 1 : The air branch of the iop class consists of combos.

Jabs : [JA]
Flurry : [FLUR]
Wallop : [WA]
Gutting Gust : [GG]
Uppercut : [UP]


Jabs [3AP]
combo : GG>JA>JA
total cost : 6AP , 1 MP
power generated : 30
shock generated: 7


-High-AoE damg to surroundings[X], allies included.

/ / X X X / / ------- X: Jabs AoE
/ / X V X / / ------- V : target
/ / X O X / / ------ O : player

-The target[V] that was initially hit with the first jabs is not affected by the aoe, but is hit with the second jab [single target].

thoughts: I like this combo the most because it utilizes CC/AoE/SD at the same time, dealing 3 types of damg which is pretty weird but cool. making this a VERY versatile move but not the most favorable since situations may not be in this favor. builds that favor CC will get the best of the two worlds (AoE/SD) since it is still within the 2-range perimeter.


Flurry [1AP]
combo : UP>JA>UP>FLUR
total cost : 4 AP , 2 WP
power generated : 35
shock generated : 10

-grants 2 AP in a 2-circle range to allies and self.

/ / / X / / / ------ X: allies within the AoE/ 2-circle range
/ X X X / / ----- O: player
/ X X X / /
/ / / X / / / /

- Max uppercuts you can use on a target is 2, so you can use this combo completely on one go and dish out 4 hits and generate the most power/shock for its cost, as well as getting 2 AP back, so technically.. you'd be spending 2 AP , 2WP by the end of the combo, allowing you to utilize more of your AP for MORE combos, yeah~

- Although the max uppercuts you use on the target is 2, you can still focus the one target with 2-3 combos, burning your WP to the side. For example; the first combo is executed, you then initiate the combo again using uppercut on an empty space OR another target, and hit the initial target with the jabs/flurry part. The WP could be better spent elsewhere, but technically, you're spending 2AP , 2WP again, as long as the situation fits.

thoughts: This combo I use in favor of team fights, so i can buff my allies as well as generate some power in the beginning of fights since I do not prefer to be swarmed by mobs when I jump into the fight. For example: [fight starts, it's my turn] everyone is either still around me or bundled up in two/ different areas, with 10 AP +/ 4 MP + I can buff the first group around me and either run/jump to the next bundled crew and buff them as well, stacking 70power/20shock in all. Towards the middle of the fight [skipping out on details I will cover later] if i can afford the combo and I have at least 2+ allies around me, I would use this combo to deal damg as well as buff my allies, benefiting my team and the fight.


Wallop [2AP]
combo : FLUR>FLUR>WA
total cost : 4 AP
power generated : 20
shock generated : 4


-The wallop skill pushes the target back 3-cells and if pressed against the wall, will deal and additional [roughly] 1/3 of its damg per collision per cell. So if you're toe-to-toe with your target, this combo can deal double the wallops damg, making it cheap and effective for a 4 AP combo.

- On an ally, Wallop will not deal any damg. using 2 Flurrys on an empty space or enemy, you can use wallop to push your allies for better.. or worse xD.- For positioning, you can push an ally and then use charge to follow up after them OR push an enemy away from your squishy members and charge towards the enemy and maybe throw a bravery standard behind you for safety precautions [push back/resistance+].

- The passive Seismic Rift reverse the push effect and pulls, good for pulling mobs away from enemies or lock enemies to proc the Locking Pro passive.-If you don't want to push your enemy, you can use Focus to stabilize the enemies so you can swarm the target in combos. This way, the enemy is close and cuddled up, ready for action.

Thoughts :reminds me of retreat arrow from the Cras, but for Iops, and with a series of punches. I would say this is my least favorite combo because it pushes the enemies away from you, when the enemy should be close and cuddled to you, so you can beat the enemy some more. In PvE, if the enemy is weak in the air resistance, and is cornered, this combo can be used in your favor, deals a favorable amount of damg. [ especially crits keh keh keh]


Gutting Gust [1MP]
combo: WA>FLUR>GG
total cost : 3AP , 1MP
power generated : 15
shock generated : 4



- cheap and effective, this combo makes the GG hit for almost the same amount of damg as Wallop, for just 1 mp, even more when the power/damg is boosted, [max use of this combo 2 per target]

- Bravery standard combo : the passive King of the Kills grants 160 lock [320 lock evolution] and 15% damgs [20% damgs evolution] combine this with locking pro and you can get a bonus 1MP [60% CC damg/100% CC damg evolution] making GG combo, you can also use the Interception passive for even MORE lock, but that is if you want it, you'd basically be stackin locks and damg if put in the right situation. Overall, free MP/damgs with successful lock, they lose ap/mp resulting in loss of action, limping away, ready to be defeated by you..

thoughts: the bravery standard combo part... GG combo is my go-to move when my locks are successful, more cc damg and free mp, cutting GG combos after-cost to 3ap, dealing more damg than Jabs by itself. The downfall of this move is when you PvP fecas or players with barrier the damg from this move is belittled... heavily.


Uppercutey [1WP]

combo: GG>GG>UP
total cost: 2MP, 1WP
power generated: 10
shock generated: 5


- Uppercutey combo is a Very very good buff-combo for iop spells, 20% damg buff for 1WP/2MP, no ap required, and can be used to buff whatever next move you use, a strong bursty move recommended, like Iop's wrath [6AP, High Aoe damg], or the Super Iop Punch combo [SiP]

- The buff is also a One-Time use, so use it wisely you Iop brained fole~

thoughts: I don't use Uppercutey combo as much as i did before, because I need the mobility to move around and position, but using Uppercutey combo before the second Punch in the SiP combo would make for a very deadly punch, combined with increase, a total of 40% damg increase, but if paired with virilty, and timed right with combos, it's is very possible, to get 80-100% damg boost. Using this move before an aoe move [Devastate/Iop's Wrath] would also benefit the power gains as well as dealing more damg to multiple enemies, winning~


Episode 2 : Combos ON COMBOS?

combos on combos? what do you mean Terre?

So when I say combos on combos. After you finish the first combo,
[you can chain the last move of the first combo]
[with the initial move of another combo].
It is possible to create an infinite loop of combos, as long as you can afford the AP/MP/WP.


In order, the combos on combo.


Single-Target combos


Flurry: [UP]>JA>UP>[FLUR]ry
-Wallop: [FLUR]>FLUR>[WA]llop
-Gutting gust : [WA]>FLUR>[GG]ust
-Uppercutey: [GG]>GG>[UP]percutey



- You can start from whichever combo and initiate the [last skill] with the corrosponding combos:

Flurry -> Wallop -> Gutting Gust -> Uppercut -->> [back to Flurry]

- Memorize the combos if you'd prefer an easier time and make faster movements because of the 30 second time limit in the beginning rounds.

- If you have a shitty connection, You Are Not Going To Have A Good Time getting the combos out.

- If you lagg in between skills, you may skip a move and mess up the combo and right when you finish pressing and clicking, you'll realize you have leftover AP/MP/WP, when it could've been burned out in the first turn [possible to end the first turn with 0 AP/ 0 MP / 0 WP].

- You can use earth/fire skills in between the Air Combo without interrupting the combo streak. As long as you manage your AP/MP/WP costs, you can use air combos interchangebly. Example, WA>FLUR>[ SiP ]>GG ; WA>[ SiP ]>FLUR>GG ; GG>GG>[ SiP ]>UP>[ SiP]- The passive Show-off grants 6 power per combo, paired with compulsion for a 20%[25%evolution] power generation rate, more power = more WP/Damgs, more WP = more combos/buffs.

- With the massive power gains, Virility also grants a 20%[40%evolution] bonus per 100 concentration generated through power. The power passive reduces by 50%[40%evolution] per turn, but the concentration value does not decrease, therefore two separate generations are created, so keep an eye out for the concentration for the bonus WP/20%[40%evolution] and power generation for maximum damg output.

Thoughts: I just spam the combos and hope for the best.


Gutting gust : [WA]>FLUR>[GG]ust
Jabs: GG>JA>[JA]bs



-GG and Jabs combo are offensive combos, if you want to keep it simple and just want to clear mobs during solo, GG combo can go into Jabs combo, cause a good amount of single target damg and stack power/shock values to favor the jabs combo.

thoughts: I use this for fun


Episode 3 : Goultard is my father...

These are mostly preference based on how you'd want to play. Not going to details much, but going to give my thoughts.


Jump 4 AP : TP mechanic
Range: 1-4 with LoS / [passive] 1-5 with no LoS.


- with the passive, jump allows you to jump behind enemies and backstab you're enemies, a great way to deal damg if you base your gear into backstabbing.

- great for get away situations since the air combos are cheap and damg effective.


Bravery Standard 3 AP [max: 7AP] : pushback resist / resistance / TP mechanic

Range: 1-4 notes: - for 5ap you can have a consistent jump per turn into different areas, or 2 AP per turn if placed in a good location and nobody touches it.- starting off with a jump, if you save 2 MP while placing bravery standard, you can then move two cells to the side of the standard to get a further leap getting about a 8~10 cell leap for 9AP. if you are willing to go so far to capture your prey, or show off to yer lady.



U - original position
P - original position with jump passive
A - jump location [4ap]
C - [2MP] spent
B - Bravery standard [3ap]
S - Standard AoE buff
O - furthest standard leap [2ap]


Thoughts, I use these active spells to get around without having to spend MP while fighting, that way I'd have more for buffs/buff combo/GG combo and if I need to escape, I can still use these mechanics and use my MP to get even further away if I have to.


Season 2 : Ranged Iop


Coming soon to a forum near you...


I'm only Iop, and this is the end for this guide, for now till I learn more.Good luck, and hope this helped. if anything just comment. I'm not going to reply, maybe, ahahah.


Guide to Combo.

If anyone knows how to insert the skill images, I'd like to use that in this guide instead of the acronyms, thank you.

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