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Returning player asking for help!

By LimUnlim - MEMBER - June 20, 2016, 23:28:43


I used to play this game alot back in 2014 but then i stopped playing...

I have a level 135 Iop at the moment wich i used to main, but since Iop got a revamp and there were changes to the spell system etc. ive been looking for an easy and simple build/guide for an Iop that can solo stuff but is also good with groups in pve content, has the potention to carry a group, is nice and simple to play and have fun with, could be pretty good in pvp and ofcourse is strong!

Would be awesome is there is someone who knows an easy guide for the new spell system and an easy/simple guide/build for an (pve/pvp) Iop.

Thanks in advance.

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scroll down a bit, you'll see a guide by me that's still about 95% relevant. all that's off now is some damage numbers, gear setup, and carnage < inhalation now.

sorry I'm late, still on hiatus.

Best of luck to you.

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