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hard carry and combos builder

By rustandi#8582 - MEMBER - May 11, 2016, 06:33:08

I saw a lot of yop go for fire/air build and i have that build to right now.
so i'm a bit very boring to see all yop go fire/air and plan to reset my
yop for earth/air and planning focus on single target build.

there's a good build for earth/air yop? and gear build for it?

right now i have lucloak and indestructible boots for my relic and epic.
maybe some of you can give me ideas for making my earth/air yop?
so i can get a pictures how to build my yop.

if you can post your image bout your yop i really happy to see it.

Thx a lot.

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I used to be earth/air. I liked it a lot but I recently changed to fire/air after my dungeon buddy and I reworked our main party. I took all the air spells and then took shaker, rocknasuars, charge, and impact. This gave good utility as far as being able to close distances and still do damage as well as having viable attacks to use when not in range. Clearly though the punch bonus to charge is not as good as it is for SiP but being able to make a near impervious shield with defensive stance was awesome. There have been multiple times in the past where I was able to beat HC Vertox once in his second phase with only my Iop left as I was able to put some serious hurt on him, maneuver well, and sustain using def stance. My gear didnt change much either. I still go for a heavy emphasis on single target followed by melee mastery. Block is also a must imo as it ups your crits as well as helps with your overall beefyness. I dont have a pick of my gear but you can check out dragon pig's iop guide for good gear ideas.

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