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Dragon Pig's Iop Guide (UPDATED 8/3/2018)

By HateSpawn - MEMBER - December 24, 2015, 18:12:39

Hello Iops of Wakfu, welcome to the rewritten version of my guide.

Firstly, I'll be reiterating the basic foundation of the class, and when I have more availability, I'll write up a comprehensive tutorial to what you should be thinking of while executing turns. Most who read this guide understand the fundamental mechanics, but don't get much farther than that, and never manage to do much to impress me.

First, we'll run through all 15 elemental spells and my personal take on them. I'll also be outlining the DPA of these. DPA stands for "Damage per AP". A ratio of how much damage the spell does, compared to its cost. It allows you to see the relative potency of the spell in the grand scheme of a rotation. The numbers I use will be based off the level 200 base damages.


Thunderbolt - DPA 25

This spell is pretty weak at baseline. Flaming is pretty much useless in the metagame, because it's delayed damage that involves you being next to something. Anything with half a Iop brain won't want to be too close to you.

When you DO include the flaming, though, this spell has a DPA of 50, however that's really unreliable, and basically only works once in a turn. As a reminder, the Flaming state deals damage to all things that are next to you at the start of your turn. It becomes 40% stronger when things near you are scalded. If you are confident you can make Thunderbolt work, then I invite you to use it once per turn. We scald too much, anyways.

8/03/18 notes: This spell is also remotely useful for dealing distance damage, for like, Steel Beak.

Celestial Sword - DPA 27

27 is a pretty solid number, usually what you can expect from a Iop spell. The extra damage based on HP is deceptively useless, as it's only 25% at max, and I'm rarely opening with a weak, low power generating AoE spell. Doesn't make sense. It's more of a finishing tap. I don't recommend this one, as ST is usually a much better investment.

8/03/18 notes: This spell is also remotely useful for dealing AoE Damage, for like, Ogrest's Turquoise phase.

Super Iop Punch (SIP) - DPA 29 - Tripled on Punch DPA 87

Incredibly potent, great power generation, and overwhelmingly strong when under Punch. SIP is a must have for every Iop. Grow accustomed to using it. +20 concentration for 3 AP is really handy for WP regeneration. WP runs dry real fast on the regular, so it certainly comes in handy. Excellent damage ratio.

8/03/18 note: When you're not doing anything, use SIP. It generates the most Wakfu Points. Throw it in your combos whenever you power cycle, as well.

Sword of Judgement - DPA 25

Back to the lackluster base damage, Judgement used to be a favorite spell of mine. During the Moon meta it was able to hit Psykoko from a distance in its weaker element. However, as time went on I started leaning heavily into ST, and Ankama removed the mastery from elemental spells, so my Earth damage became much more relevant. I quickly replaced the spell once that happened.

Iop's Wrath - DPA ~29.16

This spell is really mediocre these days. It boasts an excellent damage ratio (As far as AoEs go), though at the end of the day using our incredibly overwhelming ST damage to rip through things is far more effective. Since we need all 5 air spells to operate efficiently, deck space is too valuable to slot this novelty spell in. However, if you can make use of it's added effect, Lost, you can deal excellent damage. However, delayed damage typically isn't preferred. Lost adds an additional 125 base damage (net DPA of 50 total) to anything that was hit by it and finishes its turn 5 cells or more away from the caster. Big problem here is Wrath is AoE/Melee, and Lost is ST/Distance. Kind of hard to use.


Finished up with the fire tree. In the end, I only find room for Super Iop Punch on any of my decks. 


Semi-important to note that all earth spells generate a bit of Slugger, usually 1 level per AP. It caps at 20 and each level is +1% resistance to MP loss.

Shaker - DPA 29

Same DPA as SIP, however it generates average power and only allows you to build lock under Pillar. Deck space is far too valuable to slot this.

8/03/18 notes: underrated actually. I like it sometimes, mostly if I think I may need to do surprise earth damage or generate some armor.

Rocknoceros - DPA 25

If you're using this spell, 100% of the time it's not for the damage, but for the utility. It deals ranged, no line of sight, melee or distance damage, reduces the target MP by 2, and applies Siphoning, which pulls you to anything that attacks you in a line. Siphoning in PvE is a great way to end up positioned in a way that ends up killing you instantly, but in 1vs1 PvP it can come in handy. Though typically I don't find the space for this spell. 

Important to note that it's really good at generating armor under defensive stance, which is probably the most common reason it ever ends up on my deck.

Impact - DPA 27

As far as ranged damage dealing goes, this is pretty much my weapon of choice. For pesky mobs and bosses that I absolutely must hit from 4 cells away, I throw this on the deck. Average base damage, and a 3 AP cost for flexibility. Power generation is worse than SIP, but I can live with that for the versatility in Badger/Magma/Ethernal

Charge - DPA doesn't even matter 25

Hooooo buddy. This spell is absolutely MANDATORY. I missed out on it during the first edition of the guide, due to the old system of mastery weakening the spell in practical use. It allows you to get closer to a target up to 4 cells in a line from you. It also deals 50% bonus damage (37.5 DPA) to any target who you've already charged during the preceding turn. If for some reason you took the Furious Charge passive, that bonus turns into 100% bonus (50 DPA). I never have it, so I wouldn't really say it's reasonable to consider it for real usage. The passive exists, though.

Does decent damage, excellent on charged, and moves you around. Saves MP, saves Jump, saves AP from Bravery Standard. It's excellent, always have it. Doesn't even hurt allies when you charge them to disengage. Always have it.

Devastate - DPA 21

Alright this is a weird spell, if you tried to ask me why it existed I wouldn't have an answer. Just a square AoE around the caster, dealing 5% bonus damage per MP you have (maxed at 40%, which is 8 MP, which you basically won't have, but nets a DPA of 29.4) and generates really low power for the massive, massive cost. Shouldn't even be here, can we trade it for a pull? 


That's it for Earth. As I stated, Charge is hot-glued onto my decks as of 2016, and Impact sneaks in during some fights. Use your jurisdiction. As we talk about air spells I'll also reference the corresponding combo.


Semi-important to note that each air spell generates a bit of Shock, generally 1 per AP, with a cap at 20. Each level gives +4 dodge, for a max of +80. Kinda handy?

Jabs - DPA 27 - Combo DPA 25

It's basically just what you should use when you can't use other things. Or if like, the thing resists fire and SIP doesn't make sense to use. Again, proper judgement is necessary before you throw these things around. It's less power generation and less damage than SIP. 

Jabs Combo AoE is pretty nice. Anyone you jabs is immune to it for the turn, so you basically need to double jabs empty cells. I almost never use it, except in very specific scenarios, like for example when you melee and single target mastery suddenly turn into distance and area of effect, while also docking 1000 from your melee mastery and increasing your distance mastery by 1000. Oddly specific case, but it's more common than I want it to be. Doesn't really cost an extra deck slot, since you're gonna have gust and jabs anyway.

Flurry - DPA 27 - Combo DPA 107

Flurry is great. There's countless reasons to want a really, really inexpensive hit, like for stacking some sort of state, tapping something that's almost dead, hitting something for a mechanic, critting to gain block from your bravery passive, emptying that last 1 AP to generate a bit of power.

And then you check out the combo and see how brutal it is. Uppercut's positively massive base damage, coupled with the +2 AP refund makes the net damage for AP cost a monumental 107. This is a huge amount of damage. Absolutely nuts. Memorize this combo, and implement it whenever you have the WP to burn. 


Wallop - DPA 27 - Combo DPA - 27 (41.25 with collision)

In almost every sense, it's basically the same thing as using two flurries. Use your own judgement to assess if it's actually better to wallop or just double flurry. 

The combo allows you to push. Kinda important to keep in mind. Fortunately, Wallop doesn't hurt allies, so you won't go blowing people up with your wallops (nor will you burn preparation for pushing somebody). Equally fortunately, Wallop combo deals collision damage, 19 per cell, with a max of 14.25 additional DPA. Pretty good, if you can. Bonus points if you lead a Wallop Combo into a Gust Combo while an enemy is pinned against a wall.

Gutting Gust - DPA technically 21 - Combo DPA technically 48

Since this thing doesn't actually cost AP, it's hard to put a DPA on it (more on that in the next spell). 2/target, just stomp on things when you have the MP to blow. The combo is great, use it whenever you have the MP to blow and a SIP won't do the job.

Gutting Gust Combo

A thousand years ago, legendary Dofus Iop scientists were concocting a way to wreck things. Finally Wakfu Iop scientists have cracked the code, the final frontier of nuking things. Gust combo. for a measly 3 AP 1 MP you too can deal 144 lv 200 base damage, 42 of which is free courtesy of gust combo's effect. Which is like, 40% more damage. The damage is literally free, you're going to be hitting the enemy with 27 DPA spells, and you're going to be hitting the enemy with gutting gusts. Why not pull out an additional +42 base?

Uppercut - DPA technically 53 - Combo DPA N/A

Uppercut is incredible. This is largely due to it being included in the Flurry Combo mentioned earlier, but also because for effectively free, you can do damage. 0 AP? 0 MP? Not a problem if you have the WP to sacrifice. 53 base is a big deal, especially when it comes at you twice a turn.

Uppercut combo has definitely seen better days. The damage simplification made this an unworthy use of your MP, and, to an extent, your WP. I only use it when I absolutely need the damage burst on a hit to pass a threshold, or in conjunction with power cycles, or in the event I can't get enough power to use Virility's preparation.

For reference, the Uppercut combo applies 20 levels of preparation, which means +20% damage dealt to the next damage you deal. If you're good about power cycling, and using the free 40 preparation from Virility, you will rarely need to use this to gain damage. It's kind of like, training wheels, though. So early game, I can see this being far more useful.

From this point on, I'll refer to combos as SpellCFor example Gust Combo would be GustC. Uppercut Combo, UppercutC. Saves me on time.


As I've stated, all 5 air spells are mandatory for a great Iop build. To continue with the class spells, we'll talk about all the actives.


Jump - As a melee class, being able to cross the map quickly and safely is of utmost importance. With the passive (which is a must have) it gives you +100 resistance, along side adding a range for a max of 5, and the spell loses its pesky LoS requirement. Excellent.

Hour Of Glory - 21 DPA with mediocre AP/MP chip. Real bad. Not worth the slot/10.

Bravery Standard - AKA Jump when you can't Jump. 5 AP will produce up to 4 cells of movement (compared to Jump's 4:5 ratio). It also buffs anything that's in the aura with 50% resistance. KoTH isn't really very useful. I don't recommend trying to stack the passive with this. Be warned, enemies also benefit from the standard. 

Focus - Possible award winner for best spell with a 2 AP 1 WP cost, and 2 of the contenders make you invincible (Eniripsa's Transcendance and Feca's Peace Armor). Stabilization of the target, -100 resistance to front and side attacks, -50% healing recieved, and of course it triggers the Punch state, allowing you to become the DPS of the group. Absolutely must be on your deck.

Defensive Stance - if for some reason you decide you don't need a spell in your deck, Defensive Stance can replace it. Pillar lets you life steal, and up to +36 block is really nice. 100 rear resist makes backstab attacks equal to front-stab, so it helps to protect you from those. I like to have it, but it's becoming less useful as my block is naturally quite high. Often gets replaced, like Increase.

Increase - 2 MP 2 WP to basically punish things that decided they should be close to you for 2 consecutive turns. It's also nice for buffing allies. The massive WP burn here makes this one of the spells I ditch when I want to add utility. It's only ever useful in the early turns in the fight, so keep that in mind.

Typically, the only ones that make the cut, are Jump, Standard, Increase, Focus, and Defensive Stance. Which is to say, all of them except for Hour of Glory, because it's pretty meh. Something something, transition to passives.


Virility - up to 700 free HP and the 40 preparation (When a wakfu is regenned by 100 concentration) for free. Excellent, really. That preparation is a LOT free damage. For the record, I'll refer to the regeneration from Concentration as a "power cycle".

Authority - Jump is too good to not use, and this passive makes it even better. Take it.

Show Off - The +15% damage dealt aspect mostly goes unnoticed, as our damage fluctuates frequently. However, very often I find that +40 power/concentration from the kill to be AMAZING. Take this one, too.

Expert Locker - I never really end up with enough Lock to make this one any useful. 100 melee mastery is becoming less and less useful in these high end gears, anyways. Better off with more useful passives than just damage/MP. +1 to slugger isn't really a thing that you'll care about, ever.

King of the Hill - KoTH is okay. +320 lock is nice if you're doing Wa or something. Not great, I practically never use it (outside of Wa).

Compulsion - This is a good passive. In short fights, it'll mess up a lot of the easy power cycles a 12 AP/6 MP Iop ends up running through and makes it hard to get a good turn 2 SIP. In the long term, when you're in, for example, Ogrest, it's really good to have. That +25% power generation helps to accommodate your IMMENSE Wakfu consumption. Though, whenever I need more initiative, this comes off for Inhalation.

Side note- for 11 AP/7 MP builds, this passive becomes far more potent, as you have less AP and your power cycles are quite different. Not to mention, it helps to make up for lost power generation from lack of AP.

Furious Charge - I mentioned this earlier (See: Charge). Aside from that, all it does is make Focus ranged, but it's still linear so pretty restricted. I skip this.

Seismic Rift - Not a frequent choice. You'll need it in Ethernal Boss most of the time, or in 1v1 against Osas who want to be hilarious and cower in a corner behind their Badgeroxxor (or whatever relevant summon you wish to imagine here). It just lets you pull with WallopC instead of pushing. It makes it shoot farther, too, which makes up for the loss of collision, I guess. +1 to shock generation won't be a thing you care about, either.

Bravery - I for one love the tanky damage dealer getting more damage for being tanky, and getting tankier while dealing more damage. Basically, this passive is fantastic, +4 crit per block is bonkers when you're casting like 15 spells in a turn.

Tormentor - pass

And, without further adieu,

Dragon Pig:

First, I'd like to talk about my gear.

Helmet - Slimy Rockett Headgear - Pretty standard, gives decent resist, good HP, block, initiative, and a buttload of damage. Sounds applicable. Melee metamorfo'd, because I'm lazy and didn't make it ST yet.

Amulet - Archaic Pendant - Lackluster resist aside, it has block, crit, and excellent damage stats. HP ain't half bad, either.

Breastplate - Reinforced Shell - Great resist and damage, plus initiative and block. The Iop BP.

Left Ring - Exploded Ring - Just a lot of single target mastery. We're huge ST damage dealers, so it makes sense. ST is generally more useful than melee, due to Impact's overall effectiveness in a lot of content. ST morfo'd.

Right Ring - Exploded ring again, but in Orange - Currently, you can wear 2 of the same ring, only if they're different rarity. I really just dislike Melee mastery in end game content. Impact has become a huge asset.

Boots - The Great Leaps to Ragorn - Basically only chosen for their huge damage. They don't cover fire resist which leaves my fire resist on the low side when other items are taken into account. Good initiative and block, coupled with great damage makes it pretty worth it. Morfo'd for determination, although I keep an initiative runed orange pair on my person incase I need to kick up the initiative.

Belt - Forgotten Belt - I ended up taking this over the Trapper belt due to the relative bulk increase. The resists and HP on Trapper are quite low, and the only loss on Forgotten is the crits. This one is runed for Determination, but I keep a yellow initiarive runed Trapper belt, and another Yellow, initiative runed Forgotten Belt, to match certain situations.

Cloak - Forgotten Cloak - Man I love this thing. 50 resist to 3 elements, 5 block, and 140 mastery, up to 220 mastery when my HP is 90% or higher. Low HP on it though, but it has +25 initiative, so I let it slide.

Weapon (Epic) - Agony's Companion - God, what a monster of a stick. 330 mastery in 2 elements. I sacrifice a lot of crit, but thanks to its Measured Rune, I still have 80% crits in combat. Fully ST morfo'd for maximum damage out.

Off-hand (Relic) - Fan Shield - As time went on, me and most other end game players came to the same conclusion: Fan Shield is amazing. Wrath is really the only "better" relic, and for Iop I'm not entirely convinced that it's a strict upgrade, more like, another option. I currently have the Smashell Rune, although I would LOVE Alternation II, Excess, or Heartbreaking Blood. I'm saving my only Heartbreaking for a fun side-set I'm working on, though. My only Excess went to my Sacrier. Fan Shield is really great at bolstering your resistances, but I'd really like to see another Relic come out to contest it.

Emblem - Turquoise Dofus Fragment - Remember a moment ago, how I mentioned needing a couple of items? This is kind of a "IOU" from Ogrest, promising me that, eventually, I'll get an Ebony Dofus Fragment. Until then, I'll keep this bad boy. +6 crit on an emblem is nothing to scoff at, and while it loses out on resist (in exchange for crit res), it gains a lot of HP on other emblems. Works out for my tastes. Great tool to have.

8/03/18 update: I've been hunting for this item for almost a full year now, and STILL don't have my Ebony Dofus Fragment. Turquoise mocks me for eternity.

Epaulettes - Spicy Epaulettes - Jesus H Christ these things have a lot of damage. 275 total mastery, and the only draw back is 140 of that doesn't go to earth. With 40 resist in 3 elements you can bet this is an excellent choice.

Pet - Unfortunately, my final pet, the Croum, still isn't level 50. It gives +20 resist, and +3% critical hits. An excellent choice for general use. In the mean time, my general-use pet is a Crobak, for that dank 60 ST.
8/03/18 update - I have Croum, for harder and more difficult fights I use it, otherwise I stick to Crobak. Air Krosmunster would be a nice alternative, too.

Overall -

As I'm sure most of you have noticed that, compared to my old glass cannon build using Daggers Sives in Moon meta, this is quite strange. The relic, usually the most potent item in a set, gives a grand total of 0 mastery. 

Ultimately, the other few Relics available are just hard to use with this set. Mark loses mastery and other stats, Coat of the Sorcerer King is low on resist, Ellie's doesn't have an exotic stat, Wrath removes crits... Fan just, isn't massively taxing on the build's stats. 


Now, briefly, I'd like to skim my deck.

FlurryC and GustC for my primary damage options, along side Super Iop Punch and Focus to augment my DPS potential. Increase for an early boost to simulate the Power bonus, and help me gain momentum immediately.

WallopC as team support and map control, while also being able to disengage from high lockers while doing damage.

Charge, Jump, and Bravery Standard to augment my resist and help me get around. MP is important for damage dealing with Gutting Gust.

Impact for those niche situations where I can't do damage as I normally would want to. IMPORTANT TO NOTE! Defensive Stance is an excellent choice here for almost every encounter, especially if your block is on the low-side of things. Pre-zinit, Impact is mostly useless. Keep defensive stance in the early game.

8/03/18 notes: Evasion is nice when you don't want Inhale or Compulsion. smile
Next up, we'll talk about my--

Ability Points


10 Resistance is the go-to for all characters, And I like to stat 3 barrier, as I mostly get 3 about 3 times in a given turn, so it's pretty effective at mitigation. I specialize in short fights, so I also stat in 5 Armor so I have a bit of a buffer before HP starts ticking down, and more of a shell around my Vivacity from the Forgotten Cloak. This leaves 33 points for HP.


Realllllll simple. 20 melee, 20 ST, 10 general. 


Oh boy, I remember the mistakes here.

After a lot of time playing around with it, I've fallen for Force of Will. I stat 20 points of that, to keep my MP going and going. Beyond that, 20 Initiative and 10 Dodge, initiative so I can move before things and take them out, and dodge to help a bit with disengaging from low-lock enemies like Dreggers and Badgeroxxors.

Chance -

20 Crit, 20 Block, 10 Crit mastery. Every Iop is gonna have the same Chance build. It's all that makes any sense.


I recommend AP, MP, Reduction, Final Damage. In that order.


As I said in the OP you're going to want all the air spells and here's why.

Massive damage combos come from chaining your spells during the turn.

As an example:

A mob is next to a wall and isn't heavily resistant to air damage, you could use Uppercut, Jabs, Uppercut, Flurry, Flurry, Wallop which will net cost you 5 AP 2 WP and deal 352 base damage at level 200 (NOT counting critical hits). And all that with 4 spells. You also gain power if you take Show Off due to Combo usage. You can also use Flurry then Gust afterwards to chain in a GustC to add an additional 90 base damage, for a sum total of 442.

If a mob is in your face, and focus is off it's CD, you can go for the most effective combo I've found, Increase + Focus, Wallop Flurry Gust, Wallop Flurry Gust, Gust (on a different cell), Uppercut Jabs Uppercut Flurry, and then finish with a Wallop or 2 Flurries. It's important to realize that this single combo will not be your go-to option for damage dealing. You don't want to spend your entire turn beating on something just to get rid of one enemy. It's far more efficient to be as resource conserving as possible, and eliminate multiple enemies at once.

That combo however, is a total of 556 base damage at level 200, ignoring the fact that your damage is augmented by Focus' -100% resist to front and side, along with not factoring in crits, +20 preparation on your Jabs, +20% FD from increase, any critical hits, or the fact that doing this combo with Show Off (No compulsion needed) generates enough power to go from 0-100 and get you 1 of your five WP back. That last bit is a little unfortunate, due to the power cycle burning the preparation.

The key is to know when to use what air spells and how to chain your combos for maximum efficiency. Take full advantage of Virility's +40% Preparation per WP regen.


For quite some time I've been trying to figure out how to handle this section of the guide. 

Tactics, Strategy, Advanced Play (End Game)

This section is relevant to all Iops, of course. But mostly aimed towards the upper 180's, who already understand all the enemies they'll be facing. I want to outline what exactly you should be thinking about. As it stands, there are countless times I've tried to ask a Iop to hit me as hard as they can, and they just hit me with four jabs. Sure they add gusts and uppercuts afterwards, but I swear it's almost like I'm back in 2014 when that was the Iop meta.

What we're going to focus on is Power Cycling and damage control. Power Cycling, as a reminder for those who forgot amidst this massive textbook of Iop shit, is my term for when your Concentration hits 100, thus regenerating 1 WP, and also awarding you with +40% damage dealt to the next attack, via Preparation from the Virility passive. Damage control is basically pulling your punches, or bursting something when you need to.

During your turns, do not just think about the next attack, or what will do the most damage possible, think about the following attacks and the grand scheme of your turn. I cannot stress enough how important this is. The differences between any old Iop and a great Iop, is a great Iop is always thinking about how to be effective for the fight, while a mediocre Iop will just try to nuke one thing. Your class deals the most damage per turn in the entire metagame. You simply cannot afford to kill enemies one by one, that's not good enough. Think about clearing the enemy you're facing, and wounding another, or finishing a wounded one off. Your spells are limited not by AP and cost restraints, but mostly by cast limits. If you have the WP to spare, kill something with Uppercuts, so you can keep uppercutting everything else in the room. Rarely do you need to throw down all 12 AP and 2 MP and 2 WP to kill just one enemy. 

And to maximize efficiency, you need to use Power CyclesDo not underestimate a 29 DPA attack boosted by +40%. More to the point, you should also acknowledge the incredible damage that you can dish out with an 87 DPA attack boosted by +40%. At that point your numbers will be in the 5 digits, for a measly 3 AP. That's... enough to kill something, on it's own, with no other hits. Hold your SIP until you can power cycle. Remember, if you're performing a combo, you can cast any non-air spell and the combo will still continue. This means that, suppose you're at 69 Concentration, and you've already used one SIP during the turn. You can use Uppercut (89) and then Jabs (94) a second Uppercut (104 = 4 + Power Cycle), and then smack something with your SIP. Punch or no Punch, it'll still remove a chunk of something's health. It can be the target you're airing up, or a nearby foe who's already crippled, or will be an easy kill by an ally once you've dealt some sizable damage. Alternatively, if you'd just sat there and continued the flurry combo, your Flurry (27 base) would pick up the +40% damage. You want to avoid this, it basically wastes burst damage, which in the current meta isn't something you should let happen. Keep in mind, though, you didn't interrupt the combo. As soon as you cast Flurry, it will complete the FlurryC, and you'll gain the +2 AP. It will literally spend 1 more AP to just pick up 2 AP. Sure, it won't have 40 Preparation, but it'll just hand you a free AP.

Also keep in mind, Jump gives you resist. With the Auth passive I recommended, it nets +100 resist, and will thus allow you to leave the action, while also making you less susceptible to being targetted, and making you more resistant to the damage in the event that you are targetted. Sure, that's 4 AP that's not going towards hitting things, but you effectively can't deal damage if you let yourself die. Another reason why I started to build tanky.

Remember that you can also mitigate damage by killing the enemies before they can move. Mind your WP of course, as burning 4-6 on the first turn leaves you WP starved for the remainder of the fight, but in general it'll end up being worth your while. The first turn frequently ends up being among the most important. If you can kill Roxxors/War'Hgs/Ammaniacs before they can debuff, Beardgers/Dreggers/Gulnaz's before they can heal, Badgerages/Sulfuries/Soft-Boileds before they can wreck someone's face, your whole team will be relieved. Sure, sometimes you need a helping hand from friendly-friend feca to get enough damage to go for the one-turn-kill, but it'll more often than not prove to be worth it.

Remember also not to end your turn with AP unspent. Every elemental spell gives you Power, Power gives you Concentration, Concentration gives you WP and Preparation, and WP and Preparation are primarily how you kill things. Not to mention, critting gives you +block from Bravery, so it's pretty straightforward. Several reasons to be spending leftover AP. Not like it rolls over or something, so it's best to spend all of it. use SIP, it gives 20 Power for 3 AP, or if you're using Show Off, use GustC, it gives 21 Power for 3 AP and an MP (if you use Show Off). Even if it's an empty cell, it'll still do something for ya. 

In-between turns you should plan out what to do with your turn. Figure out how to most efficiently get to your target and kill it, and what to do after you kill it. Consider when your Power Cycles will happen, so you don't have to do quite as much improv. Your damage fluctuates, so take your various buffs (and debuffs) into account before you charge at something with a plan to kill it with 4 AP but end up needing 6 to bring it down.


Hard to summarize the Iop tips I've come up with in my years with the class, and I'm sure I'll be editing this several more times, but for now I'm about 85% satisfied so I'll be leaving it alone. I'll need to do a lot of proof reading though, please be patient on that haha.

With all that said, go play Iop. Practice maintaining all focus on your Concentration, know when to use SIP to take advantage of the burst, communicate with your team so you can agree on high priority targets before your turn comes up.
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Why do you get rid of carnage for the other passives? Not authority?

I feel Judgement and Celestial is interchangeable. What's your thoughts dawg?

Also I haven't seen you in some time, neat that you're back.

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Score : 17247

I use Judgement once a fight on average, my iop's got high init for pvp so in pve I need a buffing option.

I'd say I use wrath way less often. It's not great, imo.

CS is just wallop but with fire and a significant increase in damage based on their current HP (it's also more ranged and a nifty AoE)

I don't see myself needing it in PvE content, and the spell exp is a pretty big investment.

As for auth, why don't you get rid of Bravery? Because it's both offensive and defensive at a very large scale

authority gives me 50% resistance and an extra cell of movement basically every 2 turns. I don't see that as being inherently better than 15% increase in damage dealt VIA carnage.

plus if I could count the amount of times a day I use no los jump it'd be pretty insane.

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Score : 5562

I use almost the same passives, except Compulsion for Show Off.
I was thinking to use Show Off at level 200, you were thinking to use Compulsion at level 200 XD

For the active spells, I'm using a complete different deck and (maybe) a different playstyle too.

That's what I love about Wakfu! Different playstyle

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I also want to make clear that I'm not trying to be all "this is the best way to play iop"

theres so many omg

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Why not max level thunderbolt?

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blazakkhakabow|2015-12-25 09:46:59
Why not max level thunderbolt?
I don't use it, in pve things run away or die before flaming kills them, in pvp people run away.
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Bumping down the street in my 64 Standard the bitches Sipping the hoes. My boy Hate holding it down with this A1 guide good job bro.

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I'm currently having fun trying out a 13ap-5mp build. I really hate the loss of mp and don't reccommend it but the amount of combos it opens is delicious. Anything ending his turn in front of you (PvE) will suffer ass-related streching injuries.

Good guide, I use the same thing except for Judgment (I use thunderbolt, it helps hitting things in some awkward spots)

Have you tried playing with Mastery of weapons (Or w/e it's called in english)? The air combo always leaves 2 ap (in a 12ap build) to do w/e with at the end of your turn and it feels like it could wreck a lot more on the next turn with Punch and weapon.

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KingLionMax|2016-02-29 19:51:43
I'm currently having fun trying out a 13ap-5mp build. I really hate the loss of mp and don't reccommend it but the amount of combos it opens is delicious. Anything ending his turn in front of you (PvE) will suffer ass-related streching injuries.

Good guide, I use the same thing except for Judgment (I use thunderbolt, it helps hitting things in some awkward spots)

Have you tried playing with Mastery of weapons (Or w/e it's called in english)? The air combo always leaves 2 ap (in a 12ap build) to do w/e with at the end of your turn and it feels like it could wreck a lot more on the next turn with Punch and weapon.
when your weapons either heal or are a +30 heal dagger you dont hit very hard with them. less hard than I would with wallop / flurry / gust if one of those crit, especially the ridiculous 63 base damage gust.

in addition I run def stance for clutch self heals in 1v1 or free unlimited block potential for when I jump into a herd of kokos to run focus and 6 ap 2 mp worth of gust combos into a leric. +100 backstab res is nice
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HateSpawn do you still stat ten elemental res or do you just stat some barrier/armour and then dump into hp? sorry for noob question

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ChadyBoy|2016-05-12 09:02:16
HateSpawn do you still stat ten elemental res or do you just stat some barrier/armour and then dump into hp? sorry for noob question
yup, 10 res 3 barrier, rest of it goes full hp dump
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HateSpawn|2016-05-14 00:02:47
ChadyBoy|2016-05-12 09:02:16
HateSpawn do you still stat ten elemental res or do you just stat some barrier/armour and then dump into hp? sorry for noob question
yup, 10 res 3 barrier, rest of it goes full hp dump
and 4 armor right?
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ChadyBoy|2016-05-14 08:19:37
HateSpawn|2016-05-14 00:02:47
ChadyBoy|2016-05-12 09:02:16
HateSpawn do you still stat ten elemental res or do you just stat some barrier/armour and then dump into hp? sorry for noob question
yup, 10 res 3 barrier, rest of it goes full hp dump
and 4 armor right?
Yeah but its pretty arbitrary,
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How to Iop:
Step1- Punch things
Step2- Realize you're useless endgame and re-roll into a cra
Step3- Profit??

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BetterThanBoxBox|2016-09-03 07:51:01
How to Iop:
Step1- Punch things
Step2- Realize you're useless endgame and re-roll into a cra
Step3- Profit??
Good guide, exactly what I did with my Iop. 10/10
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Updated gear.

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Hello HateSpawn! I have a few questions about Iop!

Would you say your guide is still good/relevant after the latest update? Is that build more for PvP or mobs?
Are Air/Fire Iop still the way to go if you want the most damaging branch?

Hope it's not a bother biggrin 

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Soyokaze|2016-10-13 17:09:19
Hello HateSpawn! I have a few questions about Iop!

Would you say your guide is still good/relevant after the latest update? Is that build more for PvP or mobs?
Are Air/Fire Iop still the way to go if you want the most damaging branch?

Hope it's not a bother biggrin
Yes, and yes. The guide works fine for PvP and mobs. I don't think there's a more optimal way to pvp spec or pve spec.
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Thanks for the guide, very in-depth and informative. I've been away from wakfu for a while but wanting to come back and start a new character.
I think I'll go with an iop.

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