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Fire/Air Equipment -Help

By FappingWorkout#9730 November 20, 2014, 19:40:39

Hello, Guys! smile

im lvl 43 - (leveling pretty fast) any suggestions of what set or equipment I should be wearing. Main focus damage % on all or air/fire.

I am still stuck with Gobball set.

I don't care about prices. And I know better sets will be around 100+.

Just asking for suggestions. Thanks again. smile 

What is CMC damage? O.o

Do Iops benefit from it?

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I'd say look into the golden scara set, especially if your main is fire.

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pointless. Doing bit of maths. XD over in wiki, researching. I would low lvl sets are quiet pointless, specially full sets. hmmm...

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use wakfu-elements, the wiki is not kept up to date very well.

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I agree, you should go with golden scara with brakmar riktus pieces. It's a nice combo my fire air iop used until lunar set.

But to be quite honest, you don't see much a difference in status until you get to lunar set. That's really when your damage starts to kick off

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Your most consistent option will be Close Combat damage. Single Target/Area/Backstab and Critical Hit damage are also options depending on your playstyle.

Can't help for 50 and lower (a gobball set is good enough to last you that long, grab an AP amulet and MP boots if possible), however:

Note: This is just a guideline about what you should be aiming towards. You can wear different pieces depending on your playstyle or if it gives higher damages overall.

60+: Royal Moogr/Stone Cold Set/Thork Set

75+: Grab an Imperial Moogr BP. (Close Combat and MP!), grab a Thork Hammer (Close Combat, Area damages, and your 1st AP weapon)

90+: Brrrbley Spears Set pieces, Puffy Helmet, Inflatable Armbands, Rampart Cape. For a weapon, Soul Eater/Toxispike + Dagger combo. Should last you reasonably well until 120.

All of these can be obtained within reasonable and affordable prices.

100+: Magmog, Black Crow parts (ridiculously expensive, skip if you can level fast enough.)
110+: Hagen Daz pieces (expensive due to how difficult the dungeon is), Castuc set pieces, Necroforged pieces
120+: Lenald set pieces, Dragon Pig set pieces (prepare to break the bank for this one)

At this point, you should be savvy enough to know what to look out for. Mix and match, obtain the bare essentials before luxury goods if you are pressed for cash.

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