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Single Target Damage Application

By Straer#7277 October 23, 2014, 02:50:10

Hey there, I was just discussing good turkeys for PvP with a friend and he told me that apparently Single-Target damage won't be applied on anything that can potentially be an AoE. For instance, neither Judgement nor Iop's Wrath would get the bonus even if used against a single target. Is this true? He told me he got that from Mango, so if you're around Mango would you be able to confirm/deny this? Thanks.

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Can't exactly answer that question, but I would say Single Target shouldn't be able to be applied to AoE spells like Impact, Judgement, Wrath or Devastate. I could try to test, though. Will let you know the result.

Probably best to just grab Close Combat damage to save yourself the fuss.

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Yeah, it makes sense. I've been using a close combat turkey until now anyways but I just got a single target cash shop version before learning about this. So it kind of sucks for me as a fire/air if it's true haha. It won't boost anything close combat didn't already boost. I mainly got it hoping that for PvP it would let me hit people with the 3rd cell of judgement for full damage instead of having to be within 2 cells for it, but if I suppose if it doesn't work like that it was kind of a waste. Anyways, testing would be appreciated, thank you.

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Can you hit more than 1 enemy with your spell? AoE
Can you hit 1 enemy at once? Single target

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