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Help with set

By Brisant - MEMBER - October 13, 2014, 20:36:29


Well, as I am leveling more and more I begin to ask myself: what gear should I use next? This Iop is my first character at this lvl and I don't have a clue what to search for in terms of gear, especially now with the new set system and whatnot.

So, my especifications: I am a fire and air Iop with Vampyro set and some Phosphorescent parts. I'm actually lvl 99 and don't know when to change my gear.

I looked and what cought my eye was the Gobbalrog set but apart from very expensive (I can't afford it right now) it is very rare, and there's not a single one in the board with fire and air elements... So yeah, that's a problem.

I also took a look at Magmog set, but same problem. Only more expensive.

So really I don't know good gear of this lvl, I don't know if it's better I wait til 120~ or change sooner and for which gear.

Any help will be very useful. Thanks!

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It's probably worth it to wait until 120's. The gear starts the ramp up pretty heavily in the last 50 levels or so. I wouldn't worry about perfect gear until 140's. As for what gear you should use now, just look for things with close combat damage and crits

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Parts of the Brrrbley Spears Set and Rampart Set gives a good amount of dual elemental damage, single target and Close Combat damage. The Puffy Helmet and Inflatable Armbands are also very notable parts to consider.

Getting those parts should set you back by about 50,000 kamas total if you are very patient with prices and are a nice budgetty alternative that gives a good amount of stats. I would say that the whole set up is about equal to the price of a Magmog piece, I think.

Edit: The set up below should be good enough to last you until 120. (You can grab a Cactaboots and Necroforged Belt and Cape along the way if you want.). The level range of this gear is about 81 to 95; you can hunt for Transmutation Stones from Wagnar's castle, the Undieworld, Horned Glacier, etc.

Helmet: Puffy Helmet
Cape: Brrrbley Spear's Cape/ Rampart Cape
Amulet: Brrrbley Spear's Amulet
Breastplate: Kraken Breastplate
Epaulettes: Inflatable Armband (priciest, you can switch out for a Troolish Warrior Spikes if you can get someone to help you with the dungeon.), otherwise Kraken Epaulettes should be good enough.
Belt: Kraken Belt
Boots: Brrrbley Spears Boots
Ring: Heated Ring/ Desdemona Ring, or Brrrbley Spear's Ring ×2
Weapon: Forward Slash (MP weapon)/ Facetious Shovel (AP weapon), or Soul Eater + Captain's Hook. (More expensive option)

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