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Backstab, or Crit Hit/Crit Damage?

By October 08, 2014, 05:16:18

Lvl 80 Air/Fire Iop, forever sitting in the training room trying to figure out which is a better investment, pointing points for Backstab, or for Crits/Crit Damage.

I've only seen a handful of posts that mention what to put points into specifically for Iops after the big September update (apologies if I missed a thread somewhere).

Any advice?

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Determine what you get more of - backstab opportunities or crits. At lvl 80 you have 20-30% chance of crating? However you can force backstab 70% of the time as an iop. When crits approach 50% crit damage may be nice... but even then I'd choose backstab (its just so easy.. why not?)

Personally I would put 20 points into crits and the rest into backstab damage.

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Of course crit first.

The remaining points depends on how you play.

Do you enjoy jumping behind the enemy and using judgement most turns GO backstab this of course is going to give the most consistent mostly single target damage.
Do you prefer try to get the maximum amount of targets with your wraith and judgements with Area of Effect GO crit damage this is going to give less consistent damage but hit from any direction.

For my fire/air iop I went crit damage as I enjoy using wraith and then judgement.
I often have +100% preparation as well so if I do crit the damage is NOICE.

Btw try to get 10 AP and 6 mp as soon as possible.

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