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Fire and Earth Iop help

By October 05, 2014, 10:56:51

Whelp. I decided to try out the Iop after having been tempted to do such for who knows how long now. I still love my Earth Enutrof and Stasis Foggernaut to pieces but I feel like its time to fill in the third slot with a new character! I know Air goes good with either Fire or Earth but I'm wondering how the two would fair together. Do any of you have any tips or tricks- also should I level Lock or Dodge when it comes to a Iop? I'm sure I'll probably pick up Resistance till Max, then either do HP %, Health Back each turn or Life Steal.. I know I also will probably do Resistance and All Damage %.. those bits are what I got from playing this game so far.. anyhow any help would be appreciated! Your fellow Wakfu player.

Sorry for the constant changes I'm tired and not thinking properly. Also what skills should I spec into if I'm maining Fire and seconding earth. I know I should max four fire and three earth.. just not sure which go well together and which would be better off being used over the others. I feel as if the fifth earth skill is better then fire as fire uses a WP to cast.

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Theres really no point to go Earth/Fire unless you really want to be unique. Because you are essentially wasting your hybrid on an element that has no synergy with one another. With earth/air or fire/air you can spam your main spells then finnish off with air spells that cost mp or wp resulting in a higher damage per turn. Earth and fire practically do the same thing.. they both have an aoe nuke, and they both are mainly relliant on a 4ap damage spell.. the only difference is basically the element.

If you REAAALLY want Earth and fire on the iop, the next best option is going Tribrid Air/Fire/Earth. However it costs a ton of money to gear.

Your question was how well they work together. The simple answer is they don't.. Its the same thing as playing any other build that has no synergy.

If you have read all of that and you still want to make a Fire/Earth iop Here are things to consider.

Firstly remember this.
Mono element build = max 4 skills in 1 element
Duo Elemental build = Max 5 skills, 2 in one element, 3 in the other
Tri Elemental build = Max 6 skills, 2 in each element

Sorry to dissapoint you but, you can only max 5 total spells if you go Duo NOT 7.

Here are spells to consider for a DUO fire/earth build.

+Shaker+ (Main single target damage)
+rocknoceros+ (Ranged, No Line of sight, Stun)

+Judgement+ (Very similar to Shaker with Aoe, very useful)
+Iops wrath+ (Most effective Aoe Nuke on Iop)

1 free spell
You can pick whatever you want for the last spell, Theres not very many notable spells other than the 4 I just listed. Some people Like super Iop punch, However I don't find it that useful for anything other than a teleport. You could also consider devestate however iops wrath ussually is much more effective, since wrath works well with show off, you ussually get a powerful boost for the first spell you cast on your turn and ussing wrath as your first spell ussually results in a nice high damage nuke.

All the other spells are not worth it, this includes
Impact - very low ap to damage ratio, Rocknoceros is superior
Charge - not useful when super iop punch blows this spell away
Thunderbolt- Terrible spell, shaker and judgement completely beat it
Celestial sword - again.. terrible spell, low dmg ratio, and an aoe that serves no purpouse when you can pick either devastate or iops-wrath instead

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I disagree with this

Impact - very low ap to damage ratio, Rocknoceros is superior

I have impact lvl'd not rocknoceros the damage for 4ap on impact is better than 5ap for rock
if you deduct the 1ap also I don't find no use for stun now as it steal ap an not stun like used to

also Impact hits more range, area of attack and mp steals

but for me 2 builds is fine
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Both impact and rocknoceros are not important spells, their damage ratios are low, and their only use is very situational. Mostly only used when you can't reach your opponent.

If I were to choose one of the two, Rocknoceros will be much more useful in alot of situations due to the fact that has No line of sight requirement allowing you to still fit in damage in extremely awkward scenarios and it is also not restricted linearly like impact is.

Both are not useful spells, however they both fill this slot of being the last resort for getting damage in ussualy when you cannot reach or opponent, or for other reasons like blocking the LoS of a boss for your teamates.

Never the less, Rocknoceros will be much ore useful in a last resort scenario for getting damage in.

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