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Iop Mount?

By Envious#3082 - MEMBER (+) - October 03, 2014, 18:16:59

So im a Fire/air Iop and was looking to buy a online shop mount but dont know whether to get the Destruction one or the Melee one? im mostly using iops wrath but honestly i use every fire ability but celestial swords so if anyone can give advice on what mount to buy to be sure it works well with what i do that would be nice. Thanks =D

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I think every fire ability counts as close combat, correct me if im wrong but close combat is any square within 3 tiles of the player character? its either 3 or 2.

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well yeah thats why i was asking becuz all my abilities are really only in the 2 to 3 cell boundary the only one that i can think of that isnt is iops punch its more of a leap and hit so thats why im indecisive on what mount to buy

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For what I know, every Fire Iop spell is close combat EXCEPT the third cell on Judgement. But yeah, that or destruction (in your case I recommend you better the CC one since u use air too)

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