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Iop builds? Dual and tri-element viable, or should I stick with single element?

By Yuri-CaptainOfInfiniteSpace#5933 - MEMBER - October 01, 2014, 08:49:49

I just created an Iop character, and from what I can tell, the air Iop is very strong 1v1 with gust+jab+uppercut combos, while the fire iop has high AoE damage. I'm going air at the moment, but I'm only level 29(so I can still respec easily).

My thinking is that since I'll mainly be using gust+jab+uppercut for single target damage, should I invest in fire for the AoE damage? or Earth? Earth's final spell has a bigger range, but fire's does more damage. Or should I try doing jab+gust+uppercut+wrath+the final earth spell? I'm also thinking that maybe I should have the 3 air spells, followed by the fire gap closer and wrath, or the earth equivalents, so with only that one AoE spell (this is because I'm not sure how useful jump/flatten will be. Especially with flatten's self-stun). Another thing, aside from the skills, is the equipment. How viable is it to get endgame gear for single element? Dual element? Tri-element?

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated.

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well, I'm actually a lvl 87 Iop Fire / Air and while I cannot help you with end game content, I can at least give you my point of view in this class.

If I would recommend you a hibrid option I say Earth is better in PVP (I think, at least the stun probability should be useful in PVP) while Fire is far better in PVE. Wrath I would say is better than his Earth counterpart since it has more AoE (a two cells cross in the sides and back/front of the Iop and one cell in the diagonals) and, while it does not remove PM, It does the "explosion" damage — which is incredible when you have spend points in critical hists and critical damage.

Also, I would say the gap closer of the Fire branch is better in terms of only closing distance, since for what I know his Earth counterpart requires 1 MP to be used — arguably, you would prefer that vs the 1 AP more that costs the Fire gapcloser.

So, while my girlfriend has an Earth Iop I would say I prefer Fire hibridisation over the Earth one, since I'm the dungeon - drop - PVE kind of guy. I would think that the stun probability would be useful in PVP since Fire and Air Iop is a pure DD with no control over his enemies.

In the end, I use Thunderbolt for a big hit on one objective, Judgement for damage and his range (the biggest of the Fire spells), Super Iop Punch as a gapcloser, Iop's Wrath as a big AoE fuckyoumobs and Flurry / Gutting Gust for whatever AP or MP are left.

That's just my take on the case. Earth as I see is more of a versatile kind of Iop, who not only can do damage output but also limit the enemies options, being his MP or AP.

Hope it helps smile 

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It is pretty easy to go Fire / Air or Earth / Air, or even full Air, though you will lack AoE and some versatility. Tri build will not be easy to itemize while you level, so I wouldn't really recommend it. If you reach end game and decide you can manage it, you will know what you are doing enough by then to get a respect and pick the exact skills you want.

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Tri-build is definitely possible. I've got a 92 tri-build Iop currently. The gears are not all tri-element yet, but will be before long. So for now I am prioritizing Air first, then Earth, then Fire.

Air skills:

  • Jab
  • Gutting Gust
  • Uppercut

Fire skills:
  • Judgment

Earth skills:
  • Charge
  • Devastate
Nothing special in regards to specialties. Statting for dodge, crit/crit dmg, AP, WP, MP/dmg. Its very powerful, and very versatile. No complaints.
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