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Fire iop! Viability?

By October 01, 2014, 04:39:56

hey guys!

planning to start an iop and eventually make it my main so just wanted people's opinion on the viability of a mono fire iop.

I know now the general concencus is earth/air duo is the way to go but you know I wanna try out something a little different smile

and if I don't run mono fire discuss which ele would be better to duo with it.

Keep in mind that this "soon to be" character would like to participate in all aspects of wakfu, ie. End game dungeons or pvp

xoxoxo thank you

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Well, I can't help you with endgame content but I can give my two cents on my experiencie as Iop.

The obvious hibridisation for a Fire Iop is, as you say, Air. Why, would you ask? Well, the Fire Iop is best when your AP is an even number (6, 8, 10, 12) since a lot of the skills are of even cost. For example, while Thunderbolts cost 3 AP if you have 6 you can do two Thunderbolts, while if you have 7 you should most likely not have a way to spend that extra AP.

Also the MP. Well, Gutting Gust lets you do damage only via PM. If you run to an enemy, get him and have PM left, you can spend it to do maybe 100-120 extra damage (in my case as a 87 Fire Air Iop)

I can very safely say that Air is a good PVP branch, since it lets you do a lot of mono damage, and with Wrath or Celestial you maybe can fuck over some clases (the Osa invos, the Masq double, etc)

So... That. I would say that at least at 100ish level you should consider searching for bielemental sets, which are not uncommon. It helps, believe me.

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