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Iop Skill Discussion (Questions post)

By September 25, 2014, 18:19:39

Okay i have been playing an Iop and find this class very fun but some of the skills make little sense to me and there description are easy to confuse fellow new player and still make little sense to me too.

so i am posting this to help new players out as well as find out what some skills do and how they work i will edit the ones i don't understand myself as fellow Iop post how they work.

Key to Costs
WP - Wakfu Points
MP - Movement Points
AP - Action Points

All skills will be put on as max level and in order from left to right as they appear in the tree it's self.

Fire Tree

ThunderBolt -
Cost 3 Ap, Range 1, -85HP A blazing punch that inflicts damage and leaves the target Scalded (Dont understand what scalded dose so can someone post how it works and i will add this)

Judgement - Cost 4 Ap - 1 Mp, Range 3 Line, -136HP if you're lucky.Disoriented (+1 Lvl.) - Lowers targets range spells by 1

Super Iop Punch - Cost 5 Ap, Range 2-3, Aoe + effect, -136HP With a 30% chance to proc Explosion doing an extra -51Hp to surrounding targets.

Celestial Sword - Cost 3 Ap, Range Self Bust 1, -70HP Flaming (Lvl. 1) Burns targets hit by skill if they end there turn next to you.

Iop's Wrath - Cost 6 Ap 1 Wp, Range Big Burst, -172HP With a 66% chance to proc Explosion doing an extra 51HP

Fire tree summery Very good damage with a nice aoe and a jumping spell (Super Iop Punch).

Earth Tree

Shaker - Cost 4 Ap, Range 1, -134HP

Rocknoceros - Cost 5 Ap, Range 2-3, -126HP 20% Chance to stun

Impact - Cost 2 Ap, Range 2-3 Aoe + effect -50HP 12% chance to -1 Mp same size aoe

Charge - Cost 4 Ap 1 Mp, Range 1-3, -103HP 20% Chance to stun

Devastate - Cost 5 Ap 1 Mp, Range Self 3x3 Aoe, -143HP 30% Chance to -1 Mp Same Size Aoe

Earth Tree summery gives Mobility and stun chance with some Movement chance restrictions against Foes.

Air Tree

Jabs - Cost 2 Ap, Range 1, -62HP

Flurry - Cost 1 Ap, Range 1, -27HP Procs Aerial (Lvl. 1) +50% Damage to next Air spell used

Intimidation - Cost 3 Ap, Range 1, -72HP Effect Pushes target 2 squares back

Gutting Gust - Cost 1 Mp, Range 1, -39HP

Uppercut - Cost 1 Wp, Range 1, -61HP

Air Tree Summery In close combat able to cast Many spells in one turn, and able to up spell damage with Flurry.

Class Skills

Jump - Cost 4 Ap 1 Wp, Range 1-2, The Iop knows how to control the power of the wind when jumping, so he can launch himself onto the battlefield quickly. (Don't understand why this is good could do with explanation please)

Defensive Stance - Cost 3 Ap, Range Self, +40 Block but ends your turn.

Flatten - Cost 4 Ap 2 Mp, Range 1-6, Like the stupid daredevil he is, the Iop jumps with both feet on his opponents. Be careful, he might get stunned in the process! Target stun = 10% Caster Stun = 7%

Bravery Standard - Cost 4 Ap, Range self Big Burst, Ever a courageous leader, the Iop displays a standard to motivate his allies and increase their damage. As for him, he gains Preparation and is Stabilized. (Don't get what this skill dose could use an explanation guessing its a buff skill)

Increase - Cost 1 Wp, The Iop uses his mastery of Wakfu to increase his damage. Increase also allows him to enter the Power state, improving his chances of Stunning the enemy. (Again unsure on this skill could use an explanation)

Virility - Passive Skill on site says at max +20% max hp but i don't think that this works as i leveled on my first iop but didnt on second and they both had same hp.

Complusion - Passive Skill +40% Damage Far as i know this works.

Authority - Passive Skill (Unsure how this works)

Show Off - Passive Skill (Unsure how this works)

Locking Pro - Passive skill +40 lock

Will check post daily until the blanks are filled in hopefully how i have posted this is not too hard to understand.  

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Hello instead of me trying to answer and explain why not check out these two guides.

guide 1

guide 2  

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Okay i had looked at the mango one but i read on the forum most of the skilled got changed and some of the skills don't match up and some just don't work full stop in the game e.g the hp boost did not give any hp as i leveled it up can you explain that lol

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Both of those guides were created a lot earlier than this recent revamp to characteristics. I will do my best to answer your questions.

Stating for WP increases your WP count by two, adding onto your base amount of six. WP is used by Iop for Jump, Wrath, Increase, and Uppercut. If more than one of these spells is part of your build I recommend getting this at some point.

Stating for MP increases your movement point count by one and gives a +20% elemental damage bonus to all elements. Iop has several spells which offer some mobility so this attribute is not the highest priority for most builds.

Stating for AP increases your action point count by one with no additional bonuses. Stating for AP is typically done for a 10AP build: 6AP from base stats, 1AP from cape, 1AP from necklace, and 1AP from a right handed or two handed weapon. An additional AP can be obtained from a relic but those can take a lot of time and effort to get.

The only change to elemental spells in the revamp was Stunned state, changing its effects from completely denying the afflicted target their turn to -4AP. Charge and Devastate have had their chances to inflict Stunned state increased from 10% to 20%. The rest of the elemental spells are described in the linked guides.

Jump is great for positioning yourself against an adjacent target. You can teleport through an enemy from its face to its back to take advantage of backstab damage. If you are blocking line of sight for your non-melee allies you can teleport yourself out of the way while staying adjacent to the target. Jump can also help you avoid penalty tiles, glyphs, traps, lock zones, and move a couple spaces without spending any MP. At max rank Jump only costs 2AP1WP and may be cast without line of sight restriction.

Defensive Stance only costs 2AP at max rank. It helps the Iop protect themself a bit.

Flatten is a longer range, higher cost, risky version of Jump. At max rank it costs 4AP1MP.

Bravery Standard costs 3AP at max rank. It causes the user to become stabilized, preventing any means of moving the Iop. This spell gives a damage bonus to allies standing in the glyph which adds onto their elemental damage bonuses. The Iop gains levels of Preparation which affects the next damaging attack done. This spell is great for standing between enemies trying to map manipulate and your allies, since while this spell is in effect you are completely immune to being moved. The damage bonus for allies in the glyph can be used while in close combat to buff allies to gang up on an enemy.

Increase was originally about giving a damage bonus to allies like Bravery Standard but has since changed to be primarily used to convert your levels of Power into a bonus to your chance to inflict Stunned state. With the changes to Stunned and how small the elemental damage bonus is this specialty could use a revamp.

Virility has been changed to give health based on the level of your Iop. This passive has always given the health bonus when battle starts with no visible effect outside battle. At max rank this passive applies a health bonus equal to your level multiplied by four. So if your level is 21 and you spent all your specialty points on Virility you would get 84 health when battle starts. Check the health of your two Iops while before and during battle.

Compulsion adds onto your damage bonuses. With the revamp static damage bonuses have become less potent but this is still a useful passive for leftover specialty points.

Authority is a probability to gain levels of Power, a state which gives an elemental damage bonus, when inflicting damage. This includes area of effect attacks per target damaged. Jump also gives levels of Power. This passive is great for any Iop build.

Show Off is similar to Authority in that you get a state that gives elemental damage bonuses. However the state is Preparation instead of Power, which only applies for the next time you damage something rather than the whole turn, and only when your allies critically hit (includes healing spells and weapon use) or kill things. Preparation state favors big attacks like Wrath and Devastate with high costs and dealing a bunch of damage at once.

Locking Pro gives more than just lock. It creates a 1x1 glyph on the space right in front of the Iop (adjacent and in the faced direction) which prevents any enemy on that space from moving unless they dodge roll or cause the Iop to no longer be adjacent and facing them. However since Bravery Standard stabilizes the Iop you can use it to lock down an enemy to prevent them from escaping unless they dodge roll. If an enemy ends their turn in the glyph they gain an immunity state which prevents them from being affected by the glyph during their upcoming turn.

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