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Air IOP dodge problem

By Noinek - MEMBER - September 16, 2014, 18:27:56

I make all my points to dodge. Now i think its very bad if i fight close-combat, so my dodge are uselles true?

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Increase the lock-dodge stat (2 lock and 2 dodge per level). As a meele DD, you have to keep your enemies in close combat with the lock, while the dodge is very important to move around and attack whoever you want. Going only for lock is more of a tank build, which Iops /can/ sort of do, but they're damage dealers.
The air Iop in special needs the extra versatility the dodge provides even more because of its low-cost spells.

Both stats are needed, though I think lock is more important if you have the oportunity to equip the right gear that provides this stat.

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