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How quickly can I get 10 AP?

By Benja-might September 11, 2014, 22:39:11

I'm a level 61 Earth/Air Iop and FINALLY got an 8AP setup... I have kit skill leveled, and I was just wondering - am I already behind the eight ball in only having 8AP? Is it possible to have 10 already?


p.s. I am wearing the Ancestral Set to get my 8 AP... please let me know if that's a big mistake. :-)

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At your current level range, you should be doing okay; Iops generally gain their power spikes through even AP amounts (8, 10, 12), and 1 AP would only normally add one Flurry into your Single Target comboes anyway. (Or you can also Devastate/Rocknoceros into Shaker, but it isn't much of a deal.)

From 75 onwards, though, you can easily get to 10 AP assuming you added 1 AP, so I would recommend that you add 1 AP, 1 MP during your 2nd respec at level 80. Kit Skill maxes out at 10 anyways, so I generally don't recommend it at earlier levels since you breeze through them easily.

Equipment choices:
I'm still looking around, but Iops would want close combat damage the most and I think these are good budget options:

60 to 70: parts of the Infernal set (good source of tri-elemental damage) or Stone Cold/Royal Moogr Set (dual elemental and gives close combat damage). Exotic Set parts are also an option for extra backstab damage.

70 to 80: Arachnoshima set (good source of close combat damage and dual elemental.) Look to also obtain parts of the Thork set, the Thork Hammer (one of the earliest AP weapons) and your MP Breastplate. By 75, you would ideally have 10ap and 6 mp and are good to go until 100.

90 to 100: parts of Vampyro set (single target damage and gives gopd elemental bonus.) If you are looking to be thrifty, Brrrbley Spears set or Rampart Set might be good budget options. AP weapons also start becoming more common, so make sure to find a good one or save up for one.

That's as far as I can go since I'm not that knowledgeable. Hope this helps.

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1AP in 25lvl from character
1AP neck (40lvl minimum)
1AP cloak (50?)
1AP from weapon (im dont know... minimum lvl)
1AP from ring (possible)

and ? meybe relic ...

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1 ap from major points (either lvl 25 or 75), 1 AP from a necklace (lvl 40+), 1 AP from a cloak (lvl 60+), 1 AP from a weapon (75, Thork hammer). There's your 10 ap.
Though there's a lvl 50 weapon whose only bonus is 1 AP, but takes 50-80 HP from you. Gultar, I think it's called.

There's a lvl 70 ring that randomly gives you or takes from you 1 AP every turn on a 50/50 chance. Bad idea, though.

And there are rings that give you 1 AP but take too many stats off of you.
One ring, though, is a ridiculously rare and expensive but very powerful relic obtainable once you are lvl 120+. It is equippable since lvl 70 but is completely off the radar for you. It gives an AP and other stuff.

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