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Tri-Elemental Iop Build

By Malekour September 09, 2014, 09:07:35

I have a level 123 Tribrid Iop on Beta right now and its looking pretty solid :



Iop Specialties:

Iop Appitudes:

  • Int: 21 %HP , 10 Resistance
  • Force: 11 Fire Damage/ Resistance 10 Earth Damage/ Resistance 10 Air Damage/ Resistance
  • Agility: 30 Initiative
  • Chance: 20 CH / 10 CHDMG
  • Major: Ap / Mp

My damage over all is pretty solid i use Jab and Gutting gust for my air and i use Judgement and Wraith fore fire and shaker and devastate for earth all does really high dmg in the 550-1000+ dmg i really cant wait to do this on live or atleast see more build for tribrid build for other characters.

Im looking for anyone who thinks there could be better spells or anything i could do to make this better i want to have all the tweaks out before Revamp goes live so any advice is apprecated
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Is this build for PVE or PVP?

The way I see it, if you only PVE you might not need as much HP as you do when you are more into PVP, since the regen/lifesteal could be negligible in a pvp fight, so you'd want as much HP as you can get. On that note, on the FORCE tree, focusing on 2 elements, and dump points into +HP and resist might help more by capitalizing on that "Increase % of max HP" from INTELLIGENCE tree.

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Just to let you know, in the force/strenght tree, when you raise dmg+resis you are actually increasing ALL your damage with every stat, not just that element's damage. It's a mistake in the description's phrasing. It's actually +5 damage, +7 element resist. So you might want to balance all of your resistances equally.

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