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Gear for Tribrid Iop

By Newokas - MEMBER - September 06, 2014, 12:50:20

I made an iop today and I've decided to make him a tribrid. Don't try to talk me out of it, I'm doing this for fun and not to be optimal.

I however need help with how to gear him. I want the damage bonus for the three elements to be as even as possible so items that gives general damage would be best.

Thanks in advance.

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I have a level 123 Tribrid Iop on Beta right now and its looking pretty solid :



Iop Specialties:

Iop Appitudes:

  • Int: 21 %HP , 10 Resistance
  • Force: 11 Fire Damage/ Resistance 10 Earth Damage/ Resistance 10 Air Damage/ Resistance
  • Agility: 30 Initiative
  • Chance: 20 CH / 10 CHDMG
  • Major: Ap / Mp

My damage over all is pretty solid i use Jab and Gutting gust for my air and i use Judgement and Wraith fore fire and shaker and devastate for earth all does really high dmg in the 550-1000+ dmg i really cant wait to do this on live or atleast see more build for tribrid build for other characters.
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Just talked about this on another thread.

Tri elemental is 100% viable. its relatively cheap to get tri brid gear all the way until lvl 100. However it will cost you alot of kamas At higher levels,

You can probably start with infernal at level 60s, then move on to vampyro or initiate set. At level 100 you have alot of options.

After level 100, Things start to cost alot more if you want to continue with Tri elemental. The cheapest set I could come up with in another thread for 120+ gear costs almost 2 million kamas. So be warned.

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