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By rdager August 31, 2014, 17:38:11

Hello fellow Iops. I am currently a lvl 90ish Air Iop. I have played Wakfu on and off since the beginning of closed beta. At this point I am going to restat into Air/Fire, Air/Earth or maybe just stay Pure Air, but clean up my spell levels and tweak my stats. My Question is:

Since the beginning of my character my main stats have been 1 AP, 1 MP and the rest into HP. I have watched some videos and read some guides and most of them suggest putting all of your points, after the 1 AP and 1 MP, into your elemental stats (Agi, Int, and/or Str). I am all for my Dmg but how gimped will this leave me health wise ? Any suggestions ? Thank you for your assistance !!!


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You can get a bunch of health from Virility. For example if you have 1000 health and maxed Virility you would have 1200 health in battle.

Elemental stats also give resistance to their respective element to help you take hits. If you decide to go hybrid it only costs three points for the highest stat while the other three only cost one point so you get more stats for less points spent.

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thanks for the quick reply and the advice Kakenshu !!! Now I need to decide Air/Fire or Air/Earth

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I used to be Earth/Air when 12 ap was easily obtained.
But if you have 10 ap I would personally go Fire/Air.

Both combos work out nicely.

12 ap = E/A
10 ap = F/A

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