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Correct Uses for Standard of Bravery

By visitor888 - MEMBER - August 11, 2014, 21:48:04

In class that is characterized by it's ability to dive balls to walls on enemies all the way across the map and pummel them to a sticky paste, we Iops live by a simple two part code "Punch Things" and "Explosions are FUN!" Masqs, Fecas, and Sacs have to deal with HP, Lock, and Dodge. Rogues have Initiative. But Iops are a breed apart, we deal damage, our passives give us more damage, our secondary stat is we have no secondary stat. Where other classes have mechanics,complex gameplay and strategy, we have damage.

If you are anything like me, the complexity or gameplay the Iop offered isn't what attracted you. It was the simple, primal thrill of seeing lots of big numbers fly off your enemies while your toon cackles with joy.

In the midst of all this awesome, one can often wonder where Standard of Bravery came from? It just doesn't seem to fit the bill. In fact, I have often wondered if Ankama gave us this spell just so they could put "Buffs allies" in the class description. But it's something we can use, and quite effectively too if you know how.

While diving to the enemy backline and going medieval on the biggest baddy in the bunch may be the most epic plan, it's probably not the smartest, and in higher levels of play, means you are probably going to get yourself really really dead, really really fast. I am going to outline a few simple guidelines on how to stay alive and stay effective.

1. Stay close to your allies - You have no range and limited mobility, yes jump is nice but its also limited by WP and only gets 2 spaces. it is more effective to use it for positioning than as a distance closer or an escape. When I say stay close to your allies I mean really close. Attack the enemies they are attacking and protect your back line as enemies approach. Diving out into the fray gives mobs something to focus on, you. Don't do it. Even if mobs wont get close for a turn or 2, stand next to your cra, pop your standard, and wait. This will generally force mobs to trickle into your group where you can focus them down in small groups.

2. Kill whats hurt. - If allies are attacking a mob that's 6 spaces away and there is a full health mob one square away, its better to lose the potential damage and hit the one your allies or hitting. The faster you can eliminate sources of damage, the better off your team will be. It may be tempting to blow your whole combo on the guy right in front of you, but the damage isn't worth it if it means the enemy your friends hit will survive an extra turn. Killing it not only prevents future damage but allows your teammates who actually have gameplay mechanics to maximize on them instead of wasting a turn doing what you as a Iop do best, beating things to death.

3. Choose life - If it comes to a point where you know you are dead next turn with out heals than retreat. Do not rely on healers or tanks to shield and heal you. I know that sounds dumb "don't rely on your teammates to do their job" but remember that healers live by a strict code of keeping themselves alive first and their teammates second, if something happens between your turn and theirs that forces them to not heal you, you're screwed. Remember you don't have any of those fun survival, dodge, or movement mechanics and passives that other classes have, so play safe and get out while you can. If all goes well your healer will heal you up and you can re-engage next turn without losing much. Worst case scenario you babysit the cra that hasn't moved all game for a few turns with your standard until your healer or tank puts you in a position to head back to the front line with your mid range and melee teammates.

Granted each fight brings with it new situations and mechanics that mean you need to adjust. But I have found that sticking to these rules increases the margin of victory for Iops substantially.

If you have anything to add or disagree with anything, feel free to comment. I hope this was helpful.

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In my experiences with Bravery Standard I prefer using it while teaming up with range classes when the enemy group is also diversified: we have close combat and long rangers, they have close combat and long rangers.

For example if I have a Cra buddy they may have less HP and resists, making them more vulnerable to attack. If I stand between them and enemies who attack from long range while keeping close to the Cra, Bravery Standard allows me as an Iop to offer them buffs, block enemy line of sight for long range attacks, and block enemy attempts to push/pull/teleport the Cra because I block line of sight to use those mobility spells on the Cra and I am stabilized to negate any attempts to reposition me.

If their close combatants try to come close I can still block line of sight for gap closing spells then take advantage of their proximity for my upcoming turn by punching their dumb faces.

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