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Pros and Cons of various spells and stats

By visitor888#4377 - MEMBER - August 11, 2014, 20:49:01

I am a long time player just looking to get some opinions on what others have found to be most effective for their builds. I have some questions that I would like to put to the community and I hope that those who reply can tell my why they think one spell or stat is better than the other instead of just simply stating their opinion. Here we go:

1. Which is better to put points into, Critical Hits or flat damage?

I have met people who swear by both methods. The first arguing for potential damage, the second arguing for consistent damage. While I personally feel that fire Iops are more justified in statting for crit due to bonus explosion damage from Wrath and Super Punch along with bonus stacks from Thunderbolt, the other branches don't have as much of a case. The stun chance increase for Earth Iops is something, but it isn't much of something. Air gets nothing except for Flurry's final damage bonus which,lets be honest, really isn't reason enough. Which do you feel is more effective?

2. Is Uppercut worth leveling?

Iops have the unique ability to blow all of their WP in a single turn, this is largely possible due to Uppercut. But is it really worth leveling and using if it means one less jump when you might really need one? Or one less wrath in the perfect situation? All so you can squeeze in the tiniest bit more damage to a single target? I've met Iops who use it and Iops who don't, whats everyone's opinion and why.

3. Is Iop's Super Punch worth leveling?

I actually got into a long debate with someone over this. Personally, I am pro punch. It hits like a truck, has a chance to explode, and saves you 2 mp. Others feel that while admittedly it deals good damage and is by no means worthless, is it worth leveling if it means you can't level something else? You can still use it to get around the map in a pinch, so does it really need to deal damage? Particularly if you can use judgement to hit a target the same distance away with a guaranteed aoe and a chance to disorient the target? What do you guys think?

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""1. Which is better to put points into, Critical Hits or flat damage?"""
Its 100% dependant on how much %dmg you currently have. In some cases its better to buy crit in others dmg. You have to do the math for your specific build to know exactly which will yeild more damage on average.

""2. Is Uppercut worth leveling? ""
I never found a need for uppercut. It could be very useful for pvp. But wakfu still hasn't implemented a pvp system with ranks/rating like what you see in dofus. In my eyes it has no worth currently because pvp has no worth other than bragging rights.
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For classes that get up close and personal I prefer going with principle characteristics (strength, intelligence, agility, chance) because they also give you resistance. Crits may have a lot of damage to offer but Iops are easy targets for enemy attacks.

Super Iop Punch is part of my build for my Iop but my Iop is a fire-air hybrid, mostly fire. If your Iop is a tribrid or not primarily fire in a two element hybrid you would be better off with other spells. Sure Judgement can hit things from the same distance but Punch closes the gap, if you need to be adjacent to that target to lock it or whatever else is going on in the battle. You could use the 2MP you saved by using Punch instead of walking toward the target to do a couple Gusts.

Uppercut seems pretty dumb. Most Iops have Jump, Wrath, or Increase in their build already so the offer to have something that burns your WP out even faster is usually refused. A pure air Iop might like it until they have to use Jump to reposition themself.

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1. Considering that we are getting the characteristic update, I think the point is pretty moot for now. But I opted for INT/AGI due to the resist bonus.

2. I favored Uppercut for the additional chance to proc authority and as an additional resource burner if Wrath is not a primary option.

3. Judgement already fulfils my needs for ranged and I can gap close with 1 Jump before double Judgement if I have to. Personally, I think that Super Iop Punch at 5 AP is a bit awkwardly costed for a gap closer in my current 10AP build (with all the even spell costs)and you can't use it in fisticuffs range, which is a bit of a downer for me. It would be nice if it did, maybe even gain extra explosion chance in fisticuffs.

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