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Returning level 72 iop question about how to play

By wotomrf#4641 - MEMBER - August 01, 2014, 19:36:17

Returning level 72 iop questions

As the title states havent played for a while and was wondering how I should build my iop is earth still strong for groups or is air and fire better now

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Now, after this joke about how pathetically simple a iop is (Honestly, you just spam Jabs, Shaking or use Judgement/Wrath), every element is good.

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TBH its mostly based off level/gear and build.

For an iop its best to just go dual elemental. Air/Earth has the most potential end game but it does cost quite alot to get air/earth gear. Id recommend going fire/air unless you are able to get 12 ap .

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