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air/fire iop

By bindi22532#7149 - MEMBER - April 30, 2014, 09:24:20

So im new to wakfu ( been playing dofus for awhile) and dont really know much about it.
I decided i wanted to make an air/fire iop but dont know what to do with stats and passive spells etc. ill be pure air untill higher level though.
But what should i put my stats in? air untill how much? or ap or mp or CH? and then fire into how much etc? thats kinda what i want to know.

Also whats the max level on this game ? haha

Thanks smile


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As far as stats go, starting out you'd maybe want to just put all your points into Agility since that's what you're going to be until later on. At level 30 you get a reset, so you could save that until 31 then reset your points and get an AP. After that I'd save up for an MP. I've been doing Critical Hit with most of the characters I play so you could always max it out or get enough points in it until it's 20 then dump your remaining points into Agility and Intelligence.

Not sure what to recommend in terms of Fire spells other than maybe Iop's Wrath for that big AOE, but generally I see most Air hybrid Iops use Jabs and Gutting Gust. Specialties you'll probably wanna go with Jump to get closer to stuff, Increase coupled with the passive specialty Authority so you get a big damage boost, and maybe Defensive Stance just to have a chance to protect yourself a bit at the end of a turn. For the rest of your passives I'd suggest Virility for more HP, Compulsion for damage, then aside from Authority which I already said, maybe toss the rest of your points into Locking Pro.

I'm not an Iop expert or anything, so maybe someone else can help you more than what I've suggested. I'm just going off what I think would work out well.

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There is a guide to fire-air Iop (mostly fire) here. It has information on all the air, fire, and specialty spells.

Increase eats all your Power for +stun chance. Unless you plan on using that bonus while sacrificing a big damage buff I would say to avoid that spell. If you plan on not ranking Authority the +damage from Increase with no Power to trigger may seem appealing but you would be giving up +100% damage after two turns of play at no cost for +25% damage from spending 1WP. If Wrath, Uppercut, Jump, and Authority are not in your build you could rank it just for something to do but you would be missing out on a lot.

Are you sure you want to be pure air for a while then go hybrid? A dual element hybrid can have three spells in one element and two in the other to have all five spells maxed while a single element build can have four spells in one element maxed.

If you plan on going air-fire you may as well start now. By being single element you get slightly more damage and defense from spell levels (about +80% damage and resist for one element at lv100) but as a dual element hybrid you get more total mastery (about 70% damage and resist for the branch with 3 spells maxed, about 65% damage and resist for the branch with 2 spells maxed at lv100). If you use four or all air spells consistently feel free to stick to that for as long as you want.

But if you were to use three air spells and two fire spells right now (for example: Jabs, Flurry, Gust, Judgement, Wrath) you would have area of effect and single targeting spells to choose from.

Iop is a close combat class. You will be standing near enemies most/all of the time. If you spec for crits instead of principle (intelligence, agility) you would still need +40% crit damage for the crits to be better averagely than principle stats. Since getting that bonus is not very likely until higher level equipment and getting hit by things hurts you, I say to stat for agility and intelligence over critical hit so you get more damage (until you get that +40% crit damage) and some resistances. Check that guide link for more information on how principle characteristics work.

Right now the max level is 145 as far as I know but they plan on raising it to 200 eventually to match Dofus.

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On that guide; you're going to want Flatten if you go air/fire, even if you have maxed out Jump. The best air/fire build also has a high level Uppercut since it's basically a 1 WP Jabs. High level air/fire gear has high dodge, so you should be able to get around enemies without having to Jump. That being said, Flatten is essentially two casts of Jump at the expense of 4 AP 1 MP versus 4 AP 2 WP. You want to conserve your WP for Jump, Uppercut, and Iop's Wrath. Flatten lets you keep extremely high mobility without wasting all of your WP too quickly.

The minute chance to stun yourself is worth it, and if you happen to stun your target then all the merrier. I've denied Sacrier their Clinging to Life turns with it before.

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