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i'm newbie

By April 05, 2014, 18:58:56

i can't read English well. can you post the stat iop fire to me ? +? int and ? streng ?????? level 1->30 . thanks you vẻy much

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Are you asking how to allocate characteristic points for your fire Iop for levels 1 to 30? For a pure fire Iop you can put all your characteristic points into intelligence for fire damage and resistance bonuses. Strength gives earth damage and earth resistance bonuses. I recommend waiting until level 31 so you can use all your characteristic points to get 1AP. Since you get a free character reset (respec) at level 10 and 30 you can use your characteristic points to get intelligence until level 30, keep getting experience until level 31, then using the second reset to get 1AP.

I made a guide to fire Iop here but you may need someone to help you with translation.

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thanks very much my friend .

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I speak french, it my first langage. so if u want me to translate it in french i can help ubiggrin 

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