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[HELP]Pure air iop PLEASE

By Areshi - MEMBER - March 23, 2014, 19:49:03

Can anyone help me ? I WANT TO LVL UP ^^ im lvl 83 and idk where should i lvl up =)

Im air iop... all my other skills is lvl 3 and my super iop punch is 85 ...

Just want to lvl up but i can't find good mobs for me ... air resis as hell at shokoku ...

I want lvl up but i can't find a way ... need ppl to lvl up?
Calamar again? im at calamar since lvl 60 or 70 ( Coz didn't no that exist) ...

I want to earn good xp ... solo would be nice and group it could be me and my bro earth iop ^^

Me at calamar low xp already ... 3 ppl vs 4 monsters with chall 250k xp ... please help ^^

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Try monks or ghouls.

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Ty ^^ i will try ghouls =P

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I dont get it u want to be full air and u're using super punch?

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