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Tank Earth Build help?

By Amagakuro - MEMBER - March 14, 2014, 18:06:20

As the title say, any help for a Tank Earth Build?

I need to tank because we've in party 1 osamodas, 1 ecaflip and 1 sram, and not just for that; i like the earth tree and tank will be mostly helpful too.

I want to know what Specialties and Stats lvl up first, from lvl 1 if it possible, i'm lvl 11 right now.


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Let me start with saying that iops are horrible tanks later in the game, if you want a tank it's much better to get a feca, sac, earth sadida, or foggernaut. Feca and sac are the best tanks, Sadi is a tank supporter and fogger can switch from tank to dmg dealer.

anyway for earth iop you want to have the two dmg passives, hp passive, jump, and that block active plus locking pro. The earth iops I know all maxed the 5 ap aoe spell, the 4 ap single cell spell, and the rock throwing spell.

you want to stat 1ap and get another one from a set so you can hit twice. Get another mp from points and simple stat strength. Iops usually don't stat lock like feca and sac do.

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Oh, it's so bad? :< Don't know anymore at this point then.. thanks for the tips anyway.

Then i've to try a Foggernaut, I've already tried the other 3 classes, just for going out topic a little more, can you post me a valid guide for the Foggernaut Tank/dmg? An hybrid will be good.

Oh, and sorry for my poor english, and thanks again for the answer, i noticed the Earth Iop is really strong in damage.

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I can tell you the build i used to have but there is a condition why it worked for me: i always had a xelor or skale (water multiman) with me. My foggernaut was more focussed on killing stuff in very short battles.

my earth foggernaut guide:
for stats i first got ap, then mp. I didn't get range as it doesn't work on most spells. After than you can get 100 lock, rest str or all str. This depends whether you like dmg or tanking.

The spells i used were Shebang, Bombardment, Stomp and Pummel. Shebang has great dmg but is purely for dmg dealer types and burns wp (even more the way i used it) the rest of the spells are good for tanking. I also got stasis heart as an extra and used hammer claw when the mob was a little bit to far.

My specialties and passives in the order i got them:
Armor plating,
Stasis shield,
Crit turbo,

Armor plating gives more lock every time you use a spell, it doesn't matter whether you hit the air or a mob, stasis shield gives more hp but makes you lose hp when your friends get hit and fogginator gives you up to 150% dmg for a turn in exchange for your blockades and range.

Some combo's i used with 10ap

  1. My favourite burned 3wp in a turn is simply fogginator+Shebang+shebang+stomp.this is only possible with the ap boost from skale or a xelor.
  2. Bomb,bomb, stomp, pummel against a mob for dmg, in the air for a shield that soaks up 70%dmg. It doesn't matter where you place them as they always function as your shield.
  3. Stasis heart 2 times for when you are dealing with high earth res mobs, 12 ap and fogginator gives you 3 hits and gives you dmg so i didn't like it a lot
  4. hammer claw 2 times when a mob is two cells out of your reach
An earth foggernaut is not as great at tanking as a sac since it lacks teleporting and pulling from great distances but it can pack a punch.
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