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Gear for Low Level Air Iop Questions

By February 06, 2014, 14:42:37

Just wondering, I have full Tofu set right now and should my next armor set be Cloudy Tofu set? or should I be looking into getting more air % items such as the Royal Tofu set and get crit related items later into the game.

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Well, to be honest, midd-game sets are crap. They are just crap bro. I personaly recommend you going Kama/Imperial Drheller. Why? Because those two sets melt together. They are both 67lvl.

Altogether they give:

  • +297 HP
  • +1 AP
  • +2 MP
  • +14% Critical Hits
  • +1 Range
  • +114% Damage(General)
  • +48% Resist.
  • +86 Prospecting
  • [*]+75 Initiative

    Believe me, at this level you can't find easily better combination. Also, if you want 10ap/5mp on 75lvl it is possibru. Just go with Thorik Hammer and Deceptalion and this set and you still pwn things.
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    Thanks for that recommendation! I will definitely try that set a go when I get to that level haha tongue It does sound amazing though

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    Cloudy or royal tofu are both good. (I prefer royal tofu)
    Cloudy set
    ebony scara +imperial blibli
    black crow + yechtiwawa

    this would by my progression.

    Sorry for typos. I'm on phone.

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