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Need advice about air iop weapons.

By adamnb - MEMBER - January 20, 2014, 19:37:43

Hello guys, just started replaying Wakfu and got my air iop to 68 right now. So, I haven been using a Goultard for the AP(1 stat ap and this wep for 8 ap total). I like the 4 jabs that the 8 ap gives me, but I have the Axievement Axe which gives a nice 28% air damage, 3 crits, 93 hp and some other goodies.

Do you think the crits and damage bonus of the axe outways a 4 jab instead of 3 jabs and a flurry?

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Assuming your current damage bonus is over +100% (it should be), You will do more straight damage with the Goultard. However, the bonuses from Axievement are pretty useful for an Air Iop, and the Air Damage, Crit% and Crit Damage combo can do more damage than your 8AP if you're lucky (I would need your current Damage and Crit stats to be sure). Keep both on your person if you can, and switch out when necessary.

With that being said, you should get your 8th AP from a set instead of a Goultard. Lunar and Infernal sets are pretty good for your level. If you manage to get full Lunar (or Infernal + Lunar ammy), you could use your Goultard to net you 10 AP, which is pretty nice in your 70s.

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Ok thanks. I'm lvl 68 right now.

Here a my stats with Goultard:

8 AP 215% Air 18 CH 6 CDB 784 HP 42 Initiative 12 Lock

Stats with Axeivement:

7 AP 243% Air 21 CH 17 CDB 962 HP 62 Initiative 25 Lock

I have a custom set going right now, but I'll have to look into the Lunar Set. Been out of the loop for a while. Any more info would be greatly appreciated as well!

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In my honest opinion you should definitely drop the goultard. I have a 128 air iop and I know a good bit about them. I was hybrid earth for a bit, now air/fire, was even pure fire way back when I was leveling up since the AOE made everything faster.

You should have 8 AP easily without 1 from your weapon. ALWAYS have a set of gear that gives you an AP with its bonus. This along with your AP you should have from stats gives you 8 with works optimally with all 3 elements for iops at your level. For earth you can do shaker x 2, fire can do judgement x 2 or jump + wrath, and air you can do 4 jabs. Your damage bonus is nearing 250% with a good weapon and it will be better damage all the way. Along with being MUCH better than sacrificing a huge chunk of health, big chunk of damage, extra crit, extra crit damage, and extra secondary stats like lock, dodge, etc.

For an air build your best options I think are lunar set at 72 which would last you until nun set at 86, black widow set at 87, and whisper set at 91.

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