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Air Iop questions from a Lv. 25 newbie

By Kiro-LeMark January 17, 2014, 23:40:50

Hey everyone! I played Wakfu back when it was in beta and had quite a bit of fun with my Xelor. I quit shortly after and didn't even touch the game until about a week ago when a buddy of mine decided to try it. Now we finally have a 10 man guild and have been playing together and it's been a blast! We needed a tank so at random I picked Iop and have been really enjoying it a whole lot. So much so I want it to be my main! I have a few questions.

For reference, This is my current build.

1) I read Mango's awesome Air/Earth guide for Iops which I've been kind of working off of. I understand it's more of an end-game thing for advanced players but the advice in it has been solid pretty far. She/he mentions not getting both Jabs and Flurry. Is that more of a suggestion for a hybrid Iop over a pure Air one? I have been trying to find the balance between going for 3 jabs vs. going for 1 flurry 1 jab twice. I like having an extra chance to proc Authority but I hate losing the damage, so I tend not to use it a whole lot in dungeon battles. More of something I throw in now and then during PvE.

2) How important is it to get for set bonuses in the early levels? I had on a Gobball set and the extra AP was nice to throw in a Flurry before my 3 Jabs, but having random items (I am working towards a Cloudy Piwi set at the moment though I've read the Bibli set is decent for Iops?) seems to be more beneficial over all for me at the moment. I might be overthinking this since I seem to be leveling fairly quickly, but I figured I'd ask so I can stop scouring Auction Houses constantly looking for the right items.

3) My strategy so far has been to run/jump into the thick of things and tank away, focusing down one enemy at a time while trying to lock all the other guys in place so the rest of my team can go to town. Once in position, I tend to Gutting Gust twice, Uppercut followed by 3 Jabs. If I cannot do anything else I use a ranged attack, though as should be apparent from my levels I don't use them a whole lot. Sometimes I substitute an uppercut by using Increase instead before the Gutting Gust / Jab combo, but I haven't leveled it much as I've been focusing on my passives. Is there anything that jumps out to you guys as terribly wrong with the way I've been going about combat?

4) Because the guides I see are usually high level, there's not a lot of information on the progression I should be buying specialties in. At the moment, I've been concentrating exclusively on the passives. I haven't done any resets with my Elemental Spells yet. I left the respec island without changing anything as I wasn't aware you couldn't get back. If I'm reading correctly, I can get a respec at Lv. 30? At any rate, should I be concentrating my points differently for specialties? And am I gimping myself by waiting until Lv. 30 to get +1 AP instead of putting the points elsewhere?

5) Lastly, and this is more of a general question, I have been using my sidekicks quite a bit to fit higher level mobs than I would have otherwise. Are there any negatives to this? I have been throwing all the gear I get on them if I don't need it myself and at this point they've become pretty useful. One of them I got for free and the fox healer guy is a trial. Are they worth the $12 or so that they cost? Is it a better idea to multibox and is that kosher rules-wise?

Thank you for reading any part of this or all of it! I'm sorry I get wordy, I know it's a huge post and any help or comments is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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There are very few situations in which a Multiman will out-do an actual character. Personally, I use two clients and fill the rest with either Multimen if I want a full party while soloing, or teammates and guildies. Lumino is a pretty decent idea if you need a healer, or Trank if you need a tank while you pick enemies off with your Iop.

Statting an AP right away particularly as an Air Iop is a great idea. It won't be too difficult to secure a second AP from some other source and that'll give you the fourth Jabs. Or the AP needed to Jump behind enemies later down the line.

As a mono-elemental you can have four spells maxed or three spells maxed and balanced everything else for more damage and resist. Intimidation is often times than not the weakest link in the Air Iop tree since it's also a utility for moving allies at times. Therefore you are right in your inquiry, it's more of a hybrid thing to take one over the other since your amount of allowable options is limited.

Air Iop combat is linear. Attempt to get behind enemies and attack away. A key concept of the Air Iop is very high mobility since of your air skills, pretty much none allow you to attack at a range. Increase's only use is for command stunning with Charge if you feel it's absolutely vital for you to stun. Any element of Iop can stun, earth just happens to do it best since Charge and Rocknoceros are of the same element.

Compulsion is a solid early investment as is Authority since you already have a high number of attacks per turn. Get those two first followed by Jump for increased mobility and offensive capabilities. Next is Virility for increased survivability and from there, it's mostly preference. Those four are the essentials though.

Sorry if I didn't get all of your questions. I kind of answered all of these very quickly and may have missed something.

• Mango

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Iops don't necessarily make the best tanks - at least closer to end game. However if you want to continue with the air iop route I can give you what I would do. If you want to be a true tank - I'd recommend earth sac or feca (in a week or two) or even a fogger.

Statwise - Try to stat 1 ap as soon as possible (lvl 31). Personally I like some movement in my iops, so I usually stat another mp (lvl 52). From there, statting crits and agility will be beneficial.

Specialties -

1. Authority - As an air iop, I prefer this over compulsion on earlier lvls. It allows you to get 60% damage bonus basically in one turn greatly boosting your damage.

2. Compulsion - More damage buffs - its important to be strong.

2. Jump - This is really your choice, I find jump to be incredibly important for an air iop. Though you may miss out on compulsion earlier on - jump can be a lifesaver allowing you to escape or get backstab. So your choice between these two.

4. Virility - Hp is so low, I didn't find this important that early on in the game since its based off a %.

5. Defensive Stance - You wanted to "tank" this would allow you to squeeze in some defense in your builds when necessary.

6. Locking Pro - Eh... its okay.

Gearwise -

Air gear progression -

(15) - Tofu Set -- +1mp bonus
(31) - Royal Tofu -- +1mp bonus
(50) - Imperial Blibli + Ebony Scara set -- +1mp +1 ap
(72) - Lunar -- +2 ap + 1 mp
(91) - Whispered set +2 ap

This is a general idea of sets obtainable earlier on. Most of these sets are fire/air (except whisper). Fire/air is a great combination if you decide to hybrid later on. Hybriding loses some damage compared to a mono build, but it allows for a lot of resistance as well as potential to hit enemies with high res in your main element.

Spells -

Try to keep - Jabs, uppercut, and gutting gust as high as possible. Flurry is nice, but jabs are more useful - generally imo.

If you decide to hybrid fire/air - keep judgement, ion's wrath, jabs, gutting gust, and uppercut high. Uppercut can be slightly lower than the others.

add some spell xp in off elements (fire/earth) for res.

Stat Reset -

Yes you get one at lvl 30. It is wise to stat before lvl 30 whatever you want - because you're going to restate anyways once you get to 30. If you didn't stat anything yet, mp is always useful before hand. That or agility.

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Oh wow. Thank you both for your replies! I appreciate the information. I will definitely take it into consideration your suggestions smile 

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