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Earth/Air Iop Questions

By BKyo January 13, 2014, 05:59:22

Hey , I'm a level 81 Earth/Air Iop looking for help . I also stopped for about a year and came back to Wakfu almost a week ago now . I've been following Mango's Guide but still have some questions if you guys could help biggrin

Gear -

Right now I've got on a "Boowish Set" as well as "Riktus" Ring , Cloak and Breastplate .
A "Goultard" for +AP weapon , a "Crackly Ring" , a "Fangulent" and "Tufty Tofu" for my pet .

I've been using these since LvL 67 and I'm in dire need of an upgrade in Gear . As you can see I have 4/5 pieces for the "Ratical Set" (Still looking for the Ring) and a "Maka Sword" which is only LvL 51 right now . So I'm wondering what I should mix with the "Ratical Set" when I become LvL 83 and if I should grind the Sword to LvL 100 now ?

Characteristic Points -

So far I used them for an AP and a MP . I have 150 points left to spend at LvL 81 but I don't know if I should wait and buy another AP when i get enough or split them between Air and Earth now ?

Elemental Spells -

Ok , I went a different route and took -

EARTH - Shaker , Impact , Charge
AIR - Jabs , Gutting Gust

Is this completly wrong ? So far I really like it but could there be alot damage I'm missing out on ? Should I fix this ASAP ?

Specialty Spells -

Of course I've LvLed - Jump , Virility , Compulsion , Authority = MAXED

Now I was thinking of LvLing - Increase

But I've seen people level and tell me to - Show Off , Defensive Stance , Bravery Standard

So what is the best option ? And does increase run off the same buff as Authority , Jump and Show Off or is it a whole other buff itself . I'm still not to sure how Increase fully works .

Okay then I think thats all for now lol but seriously ANY help would be much appropriated and I can't thank you enough for evening looking at this for me . I'm on Nox Server and if you need to ask me anything in game please PM Bkyo .
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Charge is moot because it has cast limitation. Impact is an okay range replacement for Rocknoceros since it has AoE that can hit around corners. I'd take Devastate over Charge.

Air/earth gear is rare at early game play. Look for general damage equipment to compliment that set.

I advise against 12 AP builds prior to endgame equipment if you don't have an exotic AP Relic or don't plan on obtaining one any time soon. You'd be sacrificing too many stats to achieve it. Start splitting between air and earth now.

If you can't get a general damage pet, I advise looking to obtain a Krakotte pet (+earth) or a Blibli pet (+air). Having one increased is better than neither.

Defensive Stance isn't great until you have at bare minimum 10 AP otherwise it disturbs the double Shaker combo. Even then that makes it so you can't use Jump to reach the enemy's rear. It's a low priority skill.

Leveling Bravery Standard doesn't do much since the increased level barely affects the cost. There's seldom a reason to have both Bravery Standard and Defensive Stance, since both are actives that end your turn.

Show Off is good if you play in a high-crit team frequently. Otherwise again worthless.

Increase is vital for manual stun-play. It consumes the buff of Authority and Jump (Power), but not Show Off or Bravery Standard (Preparation). Both Power and Preparation cap at 100 each (maxing for +200% damage in-combat) however Preparation only lasts for one attack that hits a target. Increase can be stacked for fun for a total of +150% damage for a turn if you used up all of your WP in one go. Gimmicky.

• Mango

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Thank you ! I was hoping you'd reply smile Increase and Devastate it is . And a Damage pet . Also should I have gotten a Short Maka Sword instead of a Two handed one ?

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Ultimately yes. Great Makabra Sword only gives you 20% damage when maxed. A decent off-hand dagger alone in the 100-112 level range will give at least 30% that.

• Mango

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Thought So , thanks again my man . I was Thinking Kraken or Forfut peices to mix with my ratical set for now . Sound Good ? And I have a long darkroad of grinding For Apprentice , gonna suck lol

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