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any iop earth build guide out there??

By December 18, 2013, 11:34:16

sori noob here.. i dont know what stat to pump and how to use my points. I dont want to mess up my iop so i really appreciate if there is a decent guide out there biggrin

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Compulsion, Authority, Virility, Jump, and Locking Pro are what I normally stat whatever the iop then anything else is a plus.

As for stats; Ap, Mp, then it depends on what you want. Intelligence (fire), Agility (air), Chance (pointless for iops unless you want water res%) and Strength (earth) increase not only your dmg% but your res% in that element. You can only stat 22 crit, so if you go this route be prepared to look for crit sets.

And just so you know, range is useless for iops.

I tend to stat intell, and agi because I'm dual ele and I prefer it over crits, I find they can be undependable at times but thats my opinion :p

You get to reset your character at lvl 30, so don't worry too much about where you're putting your points atm. Test things out when you get there, see what you like and don't like smile

Just Remembered! Check out Wakfu-Elements they have a very handy little set builder!

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Mango has written an end-game air/iop build here.

Helped me a lot with my build.

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