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Pure Air Iop(need help)

By ALastLegen - MEMBER - December 13, 2013, 10:43:49

Hi guys i need some help with my Pure Air iop, i quitted have one year..

my equips are outdated so i need some help i'm solo iop for now, no guild and no friends in game sad

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need some help about Pure air solo iop(build), i can solo one mob on wabbit but its really hard even when i crit

any suggestion for new items and lvling area ?

sorry for my english its really bad...

anyway thanks!!

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Well you can start by getting that 10th AP. Find a Makabra weapon and get it to 100. By now in the game's life cycle the cost of one pre-leveled shouldn't be too miserable either.

Your set is fine until you can get into Yech'ti'wawa gear. It drops from the boss of the next zone of Frigost, the Snowbound Village. Alternatively you can focus on crafting level 100 Apprentice equipment, which is gear that can last you up until the endgame. I recommend the latter because Yech'ti'wawa gear is seriously lacking in the resists department. Apprentice gear is just as strong, plus it offers a little bit of wisdom to help you level.

It's a little silly to take both Flurry and Jabs. Drop one (I personally recommend dropping Flurry) and evenly balance out the spell XP from that into Intimidation for maximum air mastery. I also recommend putting some points into the earth and fire trees for extra resistances (35/34/23/22/22). Resistances are extremely important in the late game, and yours are very, very lackluster.

See if you can try to pick up a damage pet like a Moofly or a Tofu (the latter being better). A Clawbot is equally good and will help you improve your resistances.

Get into a guild and make some friends! Guilds confer very good bonuses now, for example up to 20% all damages and resists. You'll also need help to get some of the gear that I mentioned.

Soloing is hard in the later stages of the game unless you're very specific classes. Iop, a class that is forced to be in close-combat, is definitely no exception to the rule.

Good luck. Don't be hesitant to ask more questions if you're still unsure of what to do.

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i try to manage about Mobility and Damage and for help in some groups i keep intimidation low so i dont hit hard when i try move someone

well i think lvling professions is the best way now =/ but for apprentice set i think is 3 or 4 professions on lvl 100 o.o

i will try put my multiman on lvl 100 with one counter set and high hp he can tank and deal dmg tanking *--* will make my solo easy =D

anyway i will try get some res now lvling others branchs, any tip to lvl low skills ?
and one shield to help me block high dmg >.< for my guild is the best i can do for now...

^^ i really appreciate your help thanks!

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