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please help my Earth Iop

By Lytekung December 11, 2013, 05:16:33

i want to try earth Iop and with air in Gutting gust but my friend said i should leveling the Judgement in fire element too and so i can use super Iop punch in pvp to gap closer. what do you guys think?
for me it sound good but i don't know will it work in the end.
Judgement use the same AP and MP as Charge too.

and how many turns Judgement will remove range from target?
will it stack?
is it wroth for Earth Iop in both pve and pvp?

Here is my build. it's focus on Crit and block.

thanks sad 

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If you are earth, super iop punch is almost useless
you can charge like a gobbal!
btw you main damage is shaker, so why you should level up judgement? o.O

there are a lot of discussion in this forum about earth iops

check out at this thread Click here
and this too Click here 

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Thank you Matt5150 smile 

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