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Wrath Vs Judgement

By Failedz December 06, 2013, 18:36:45

Im rolling a new Fire iop and i'd like to get your input on which is stronger as of right now.
Wrath or Judgement iop.

Early game I suspect wrath will be stronger until you get 8 ap (level 31) then judgement will become stronger? But then again with 8 ap you could jump wrath... so i'm conflicted which spell i should be maximizing, i mean i will level both because in some situations it will be better than others but... errrr yeah so any advice would greatly be appreciated.

I'd like to know late game, which spell is more dominant amongst the veterans right now?

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Judgment is more prevalent in the endgame because it doesn't have a WP cost and is more lenient towards AoE safety hazards. However Iop's Wrath is stronger and affects a bigger AoE.

It comes down to situation. If a situation arises where the enemy formation means it's better to use Iop's Wrath, you use it. If it's just two enemies in a line or something stick with Judgment.

If you're a pure fire Iop you can afford to take both anyways, as I would recommend. Three maxed spells, one high leveled, and the rest for mastery is how most mono builds work.

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