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Cookie Cutter Iop: Earth / Air help needed.

By IttoUK November 28, 2013, 21:38:07

Blah Blah another "I'm back to wakfu, help" forum post. Sorry, but I still need some help.

I understand that this forum must see a lot of these posts, but any help would REALLY be much appreciated, I feel almost like a complete beginner again. I don't have any friends playing or a guild, so you are my support network.

Characteristics help needed...
* Do I spend all my characteristic points on Strength, or maybe I should stat 1ap?
* What limits / caps should I aim for?
* Do I raise both agility and strength for Earth / Air?

Elemental Spells & Specialties....
* I'd like jump maxed, Compulsion, Virility.... what else am I missing?

Set Help....
* My gear looks terrible, its lvl60 tree set I think and its really out-dated, what gear should I aim to get ASAP... I have some kama 25,000.... not sure if I could even buy some gear to get me going?
* Got 7ap at the moment, think my sword used to give 1ap... what should I do?

UPDATE LOG 30.11.13

Elemental Spells: I took Shaker(100), Rock(100), Devistate(100), Jabs(100), Gusting(100).

Itto lvl100
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Hello Mango has written an end-game air/iop build here.

I think many of your questions will be answered after you read his guild.

Need any more help please message me.

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That's perfect, thank you very much.

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Don't be afraid to ask questions either here or on the guide. The guide I wrote specifically caters to people already at the endgame point. I don't expect a beginner to the hybrid to run 12 AP for example. You're best off doing AP, MP, and then dumping everything evenly between strength and agility.

For now shoot for the Inflatable set with Vampyro fillers. You may also want to find a pair of pre-leveled Makabracards from the market or something and eventually obtain a Ketcha Fishbone off-hand, easily the cheapest of the high level daggers (pending server).

• Mango

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Wow, thanks for all the advice. I'm still a little rusty but the sets you mentioned I'm gonna look for from now on. At the moment, I took 2ap and didn't yet take the 1mp (have 110pts)... was unsure just how important that MP is... Is it mainly for gusting or more for overall mobility? Either way at 10ap 5mp I'm already feeling better about myself. For anyone that is interested, below is a little update on where I'm at....

At lvl102, as it stands I have done the following:-

* 2ap stated
* (110 points reserved for 1mp & strength / agil)

Core Spells
* Shaker lvl101
* Devastate lvl100
* Rocknoros lvl100

* Jabs lvl101
* Gusting lvl88

All other "elemental spells" (for resists etc)
* all above lvl15

Iop Specialties
* Jump lvl9
* Virility lvl20
* Compulsion lvl20
* Authority lvl20

* (115points reserved for either Showoff, Locking Pro or Defensive stance (unsure about increase)).

* Got a Forfut set (replacing 555day old gear)
* Upgrade my weapon to a Aesof Mace

Rings, Cape & Shoulders all need attention (hopefully gaining +2ap)

I honestly don't know where to start, in what pet is suitable for me... I have not seen a +damage one yet.

-- To sum up, I would say I'm way happier now than I ever was with my character and even without spending a single point on Strength / Agil im at 300% damage on earth 180% damage on Wind. Not sure if I will get that extra MP or maybe stuff it all into Strength or something.

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Eh, I wouldn't have done 2 AP if I were you. But at the bare minimum this will let you have 10 AP sooner, which is the most important thing for this build. The extra MP is for additional mobility as well as Gutting Gust and Devastate.

Your spell levels sound solid. At level 13X my off-spells in my main two branches are only leveled into the 20s and 30s.

You're going to want Increase later on. As for the last specialty, do Locking Pro if you care more about PvP and Show-Off if you care more about PvM.

You'll be able to get an AP from your cape. The only early general damage AP cape early on is Imperial Assassin Cape though, so you may need to opt for Golden Cloak or Capittle Cloak for one of the elements in the meantime. But your ring will be Ring of Satisfaction if you want 12 AP and AP shoulders are very hard to obtain. Icehorn Epaulettes are a good filler until you can find something better since they give good stats to both your elements.

As for a pet, the two big damage pets are Tofu and Clawbot. The former offers way more damage but the latter gives you a substantial amount of resists. I choose Tofu for PvM and Clawbot for PvP, but either works for both when you're on a budget. Both of these can be bought for Ogrines or you can try to buy them off other players.

• Mango

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Can't thank you enough Mango.


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(Dont know How to delete) tongue 

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