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Almost lvl 100, advice sought

By Exinfernis November 26, 2013, 21:12:18

Greetings all.

A little background info; my friends and I bumped on to this gem of a game by sheer accident a month ago and we're going hard at it. I have dabbled a bit into other classes too (to the 20-40 lvl range) but Iop is my fave char.

As per the thread title I'm lvl 97. I employ a Fire/Air build. Wrath(99)-Punch(97)-Bolt(96)-Gust(96)-Cut(93). 9 AP (soon to be 10 with Maca cards), 5 MP.

I have collected all the required mats for a respec but I'm unsure as to if I need to have it right now or save for later. The salient point here is that I am contemplating ditching Punch to a utility level and maxing Judgement.

Onto gearing now. I am wearing a full Dark Hurl set, Lunar amu/boots/ring, The One, Vlad's sword (to be soon upgraded to Maca cards) and Assassin's dagggers. All of them bought as the Guild we joined on Remington is sort of inactive and I lead the leveling race among our friendly group. Needless to say, I farm kamas right left and center.

I have followed many insightful relative threads and it seems that my next upgrade should be the Moowolf set, accosted with 3 Kraken items (not the helm). Several knowledgeable players propose the addition of certain Vampyro items, the Hurdy belt and the Minatsu boots. The White Crow set is well beyond my modest means. Meka set looks interesting but a. it is some ways ahead and b. it is pricey and hard to find. Magmog I can keep dreaming of.

At the moment, I have managed to secure the Moo cloak and have some 150k to spare. I will really appreciate any feedback on how best to proceed.


On iteration, I may have not been specific enough on what kind of tips I am looking for. Additionally, I though of some other points that require illumination.

A. Respec now or later? As said, the only reason for it would be to power up Judgement at the expense of Punch, which would be reserved for utility.

B. On specialties, I am done with Jump, Authority, Compulsion, Bravery Standard and Virility. Locking Pro or Increase as next one? Both seem to not excite the community much.

C. Moowolf set as the go to? And if yes, what would be the ideal - and attainable - compliments? Kraken*3, Vampyro items? Should I wait for Meka items or even set?

Thx for reading.

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Smart move. SiP is hard to use efficiently other than as a utility skill. You may also want to drop Uppercut for Jabs if you're going 10 AP. You'll be spending the majority of your WP on Iop's Wrath and Jump. Jabs is the highest DPT skill besides for Shaker in the Iop skill tree and fits in nicely in a standard 10 AP set-up.

If you truly want to stick with air/fire, pursue Vampyro set. It's the most reasonable set to get at the mid-game. Moowolf and Magmog sets are for fire/earth builds which you can totally go for if you want (it's another pretty good hybrid). Mecha set should be your goal at the high level scene, but White Crow is just as strong (it just lacks defenses). Those are your stretch goals as air/fire until Wabbit gear waaaay down the line.

To answer your questions:

1) Having Judgment now will help you out considerably. Once you go 10 AP you can Jump behind enemies and use Judgment twice or use Iop's Wrath + Judgment.

2) Increase is more of an earth Iop skill, but non-earth players sometimes level it to make use of stun. It's entirely up to preference. Locking Pro is a PvP skill at heart. You should consider Show Off for more damage when partied with other players or Flatten as a cheaper mobility skill than Jump or SiP. Defensive Stance also fits in nicely after double Judgment for extra defense if you need it.

3) I've already mentioned my take on Moowolf set as an air/fire hybrid above.

Hope this helps a little!

• Mango

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This helped a lot Mango, much obliged!

Got to lvl 100, and promptly respecced as outlined.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with all sorts of variations between fire/earth and fire/air. I must say that although I can see the potential of the earth tree in a number of situations, it somehow did not draw me in. Perhaps I am too attached to the fire/air routines and especially the fast power building afforded by the air branch.

Emerged with TB, Judgement, Wrath, Jabs and Gust maxed. Punch at 5 strictly for utility. I can say I like my new Iop much more now. Both Judgement and Jabs are fantastic spells and my WPs are heading only towards Wrath and Jump.

As my new specialty - kept the ones I had - I decided to give Flatten a shot. It adds an element of surprise, extra mobility and is fun to watch!

Points-wise, I was unsure whether I wanted to split between Intel and crit or go Intel all out. With my current gear I have 20% ch and 32% chd, but as I am in the process of securing higher tiered gear than the Dark hurl set which is heavy on the latter, I decided that fire mastery would be a more reliable choice.

Maka cards came in, Vlad's was shelved, I lost some 13% elemental power but I guess the trade-off is well worth it.

As for the hunt for my new set, apparently Vampyro items go for a lot on Remington. In the range of 40k for cape and BP - apiece. This is quite borderline for my funds at the moment. Mecha items conversely seem to be lowish priced. All four greens at about 10-20k each. Makes me wonder whether it would be wiser to tough it through lvls 100-120 and go straight for it.

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