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Confused as an Iop: Passives and Castable Specialities

By Magma-Moon - MEMBER - November 02, 2013, 16:24:35

At the moment I'm a level 13 Int Iop. Im rather confused on the point of any of the passive spells other than Virtility and Compulsion. Could anyone explain these to me? laugh Or just reccomend what speciality spells to level!


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Jump: Spend AP and WP to move an additional cell or two. When maxed costs 2 AP and 1 WP, but allows you to move two extra cells even past something that may be obstructing your line of sight. An absolute must for all Iop builds.

Defensive Stance: Immediately ends your turn and adds an amount of Block to you that lasts until the next turn. At max costs 2 AP grants your character an additional 40 Block until the next turn. Blocking an incoming attack reduces the total damage you take from it by 30%. Good optional spell to max if you have the extra points.

Flatten: Spend AP and MP to transport to a target linearly. At max costs 4 AP and 2 MP and allows you to travel up to (if I remember correctly) four cells, making it the same AP cost as using Jump twice but doesn't cost WP. This spell does require line of sight, and it has a chance to stun yourself and the enemy. If you stun yourself, your turn ends after you cast it. If you stun the enemy, they will lose their next turn. A little risky but an amazing transportation spell that will find yourself conserving much more WP if you do end up taking it. In the end optional.

Bravery Standard: Ends your turn by pulling out a flag and stabilizing yourself, making it so that all enemies and allies cannot move you. If they try you will put your flag away, but you are still stabilized until your next turn. It also adds a damage bonus to any ally standing in the glyph it creates (up to +45% damage) and applies a Preparation buff that will make the next attack performed by the Iop deal more damage (up to +50%). Very optional skill to level. The 4 AP cost usually meshes well with most builds. The only build that really works with the 3 AP cost is maybe a Boltsword build or a 9 AP Jabs build (the latter of which I definitely do not recommend).

Increase: Converts all your Power gained from the passive specialty Power into additional chance to stun for one turn and one attack that can stun. Also increases the damage of the Iop for one turn. At max the spell converts Power at a rate of two Power for 1% stun chance and +25% damage that can stack with additional uses of Increase. A 100% necessary skill if you are an Earth Iop or want to make use of stun mechanic in general.

Authority: When you attack has a chance to increase the damage of the Iop in combat. At max offers a 45% chance each attack of any damage source (Iop's Wrath counts as two since it has a chance to get a second damage proc from the state Explosion). It's more damage and a lot. Works in conjunction with Increase to make stunning more probable. Sometimes people will clap for you. A must-have skill.

Showing Off: Whenever an ally kill an enemy or gets a critical hit, it increases your next hit's damage for one attack (Preparation buff, same as Bravery Standard). Good skill to have in high level parties since usually you'll get to 100 Preparation before your turn. This buff stacks with Power, meaning for one attack you can have up to 200% extra damage. Good skill to have in endgame PvM. Worthless for soloing.

Locking Pro: Grants you a passive amount of lock stat. Also has a chance to apply the Iop Bound prison glyph in front of you when you end your turn. When the spell is maxed you will always end your turn with the glyph out. If any enemy starts their turn on it, it is stabilized and cannot teleport. I like it. More or less necessary for PvP. Definitely probably the last skill to level though.

Skills I take:
- Compulsion
- Virility
- Authority
- Jump
- Increase
- Defensive Stance
- Locking Pro

• Mango
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Woah, thanks! Thats the most in-depth help i've gotten for anything in this game! Thanks! wub


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