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My Earth/ Fire Iop

By duggery - MEMBER - October 29, 2013, 20:24:23
Hey Guys,

I know what you are thinking, another Fire/Earth Iop build, but the others Threads didn't really help me.

I'm playing my Iop Level 117 at the moment with 10 Ap and 5 Mp with the Spells: Fire: Thunderbolt,Judgment
Earth: Devastate, Shaker and Rocknoceros

So my Question is what Equipment to wear for Level 120+ ( No Magmog Set please) ?

Thank you for your answers Guys!smile

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Not so cheap

Madness expensive, stylish, sexy

Magmog still rules lol

p.s. putt skill n' points uself. Lazy to do dat.
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