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My Hybrid Build (Air & Fire)

By Draegun October 27, 2013, 07:37:29

As the title says, this is my own personal build for a hybridized Iop with a focus on Air spells and having support from the Fire branch. I'm not an expert or anything when it comes to making builds, as it's all usually just my own personal preference, so whatever input anyone has would be more than welcome. Without further ado, here's my build!

Stat Points
1 AP
1 MP
10 Critical Hit
Remaining points into Agility and Intelligence

Spell List
Gutting Gust
Celestial Sword

Bravery Standard
Defensive Stance

That's everything I've got planned for my Iop's build thus far. If you like what you see, feel free to use it. Also, if you have any input at all feel free to leave a reply and let me know if what I've got is decent or if there's anything you personally would improve upon.

Later people!

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Since most of your main spells are single target melee attacks, I would suggest leveling Locking Pro instead of Bravery Standard. It'll be harder for your enemies to run away from close combat. Also, how much total AP/MP are you planning to have?

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There's a very minute difference between Flurry and Jabs. One lets you hit enemies more, the other hits harder. I wouldn't take them both personally. I also really seldom see people level up Celestial Sword since it gets pretty low damage/AP (but not terrible by any means).

At the bare minimum I'd say at least drop Flurry for Judgment, that way you have a spell that can hit at a range/AoE if you need it. I think Boltsword players should always run 12 AP to triple Thunderbolt, but that's just my prerogative. It also fits better with a leveled Bravery Standard since T-bolt, CS, and a level B-Standard all cost 3 AP (it would also let you triple Judgment if you do end up taking it). Taking three spells in a branch is maybe a 10% or so damage gain in that tree and 20% damage deficit in the tree with two.

I've seen a few air/fire build Iop players. They're pretty damn solid!

• Mango

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Thanks you two for the advice. As for how much AP I'm going for, no idea. Right now I'm thinking at the very least 10, and maybe 5/6 MP. But to address the Flurry and Jabs thing, I was mainly using Flurry for the damage boost to my other Air spells as well as Bravery Standard for +Damage for any party members that I have plus myself. But now I'm thinking for spells I might ditch Flurry for Intimidation as I'm not too keen on Uppercut and replace Celestial Sword for Judgement.

Originally I was using CS for a close-range AOE if I were to have been grouped up on. Could do some Jabs, Thunderbolt with the chance to scald, then CS for Flaming. But with these changes, my spell load out looks like it'll be Jabs, Intimidation, Gutting Gust, Thunderbolt, and Judgement. I'm mostly trying to keep the focus on Air as it's just personal preference, but I may very well change my mind. Nothing's set in stone yet as I'm not even level 30, so my stat redo is a decent bit away.

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