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Earth/Air Build Help

By October 18, 2013, 15:31:18

At the moment I'm going through characters trying to decide which I want to use or have as an alt, and now I've made my way to Iop. After taking a look at things, ended up wanting to give an Earth/Air build a shot.

Just a heads up, but I've no idea what gear I need to be getting or saving up for throughout leveling, so any advice there would be helpful too.

As for the actual build, spell-wise I plan on going with Shaker, Rocknoceros, Devastate, Jabs, and Gutting Gust. For the specialties I'm not sure how many points you get later on, so for now I'm just focusing on 3 actives and 2 passives: Jump, Increase, Bravery Standard (or Defensive Stance), Compulsion, and Authority.

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