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Jabs vs Flurry

By Furtu12 - MEMBER - August 28, 2013, 23:33:19

What is the better spell? When compared side by side at level 200, Jabs only has a 10 base damage advantage than Flurry but Flurry gives you a more stable opportunity to gain Power. After testing in the Training Room there is only a couple of points away from two flurries and one jab. Even with Flurry you have a better chance to critical with each hit potentially dealing more damage than a jab.

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Flurry, because you can use it if you have just 1 AP left. It is more versatile in use, and if I remember well, it buffs other air spells when used. Besides the chances to activate your bonuses.

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A better alternative would be to use flurry to gain power then use jabs to maintain it.

Another thing to consider is usually most air iops destroy whats in front of them without power anyway.

Example 10 ap iop level 100 with level 100 spells 20% crit (80% non crit).
Jabs 2 ap 32 non-crit, 48 crit.
Non crit 32*5 attacks*0.8 = 128
Crit = 48*5*.2=48
128+48= 176 average damage

Flurry 1 ap 14 non-crit, 21 crit.
Non crit 14*10*0.8=112
Crit = 21*10*.2=42
112+42=154 average damage

So adding the fact flurry will increase power fast it is likely it will deal more damage when trying to gain power. The second 100% power has been reached jabs should do more damage.
The more damage and crit you add jabs will still win because of the higher base damage on the combo.

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What if you alternate flurry and jab? Crit flurry adds how much dmg to that next jab?

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Gynrei|2013-08-29 15:41:43
What if you alternate flurry and jab? Crit flurry adds how much dmg to that next jab?

Only +15%. In my opinion, it's not worth it unless you have an odd number of AP.
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I prefer Jabs. Higher base DPT overall. Running a 12 AP set-up, so usually Power maintenance is not an issue and I can just roll out with maximum DPT.

Flurry is a really good alternative though. But I think it'd get a bit monotonous for me, as if Jabs wasn't annoying enough to spam sometimes. Plus there are several instances were lesser hits on enemies is a preferable thing.

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